A greenery is something that can add a great statement to your home. These days, people are using green plants in their homes as part of their interior decor. We are learning to embrace nature within our homes. Plants are very attractive. And besides keeping our houses fresh, they can be very great interior pieces. A few plants here and there within our homes can make a very big difference in giving our homes that decorating edge. Plus, they are also known to give people a feeling of tranquil and relaxation.

Keep reading to learn how you can keep your house fresh at all times using small flowers and tropical house plants

How to use outdoor plants for cleaner air in your home

There are several benefits that come with adding outdoor plants into your home. And the exercise of planting your own plants can be very therapeutic and fulfilling.

One way that these plants help keeping your home fresher is the fact that they release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. This simple natural process helps purify air in our living spaces. Obviously, flowers and other tropical plants add their own natural aromas at home. They can even remove organic smells that come from cigarette smoke among other things. You will definitely reap this benefit if your home greenery contains natural plants as opposed to faux succulents.

Besides making your house fresher, apparently they also absorb noise leaving your home quieter and more peaceful. Of course the most obvious benefit of adding plants to your space is the visual one. Having them, especially flowers and other green plants will definitely add some color to your rooms giving your living space a more polished look.

 Well then today Love Is All Colors wants to share some tips with you on how to add small flowers and plants into your space.

Tips on how to beautifully add houseplants

Consider the size of your spaces

One thing you need to consider is the size of your house. So do some research and find out the plants that will easily fit in your home. It is going to be very crazy to plant tropical plants such as an orange plant in your home because within no time you will have to get rid of it. So get plants that are more realistic to have in your space.

Consider the work

Some plants require more work than others to take care of them. Do you have the time to do so? Others require sunlight to grow well. Does your house has a spot where natural light can get in easily? This is why you need to do some research before starting your greenery. Others might need more water.

If a plant needs more natural  light, you might be forced to rearrange your home in order to create space for the special needs of such plants on floors, shelves or counters. If you don’t have the time and your main goal is to use the plants solely for decorative purposes then consider the faux succulents options. These are more beautiful and are cheaper than the natural houseplants.

Don’t crowd your home with these plants

There is already a jungle out there. So why would you want your home to look like one. Get a few indoor plants. Have some balance. A few plants will go a long way in creating that edgy and sophisticated interior look you are going for. These plants need to be complimentary pieces to your already existing decorating pieces. So don’t get carried away and crowd every corner of your house with plants. The look you are going for is neat… not untidy and cluttered. So consider the size of the room and the amount of furniture pieces you have when deciding how many plant pieces to incorporate to your home.

So what are you waiting for? Start the journey of creating your beautiful greenery by heading to a local nursery and fill your house with the beautiful and natural colorful pieces. Enjoy the beautiful decor and freshness that they will add to your space.

Mix things up

Don’t just go green. Instead mix things up by having green plants as well as colorful flowers to give your house the vibrant colorful mixes it deserves. Remember to also combine different textures to achieve that lovely contrast into your home. Also have long, thin plants as well as short, fuller ones.

Get beautiful containers and vases for the plants

Your plants will thank you if you put them in beautiful vases and containers. You can also use tins once the products in them are over and cover them with some wrapping paper to beautify them. Always make sure that the containers are big enough to accommodate the roots of the plants.

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