With online dating, a happy couple that has been matched online does not necessarily guarantee happiness offline. Now, this is not to say that online relationships can’t work in real life. There are quite a number of couples that do maintain the connection they made online. And until you meet someone, there is no other way of testing your online relationship in order to know that they truly are the love of your life.

So what makes happy couples online become unhappy couples offline? Scroll on to find out some things that contribute to this…

Why happy couples online might be unable to sustain a happy relationship offline

Photos that don’t match what they look like

Some people put up photos of when they were younger when in reality, they are much older. So when you meet them they look nothing like what attracted you to them in the first place. The thing is: People always run away from the fact that basic physical attraction is what draws you to contact a potential mate online. As vain as it might seem, would you really want to continue a relationship with someone who gave a false representation of who they are in real life? One is always left wondering… “What else has this person been hiding from me?”. Such online relationships are usually doomed from the first meeting.

Having unrealistic fantasies about a person that they might never live up to in real life

How well do you know your partner (the one you have connected with online)? With online dating people rely on the photos and the well thought out profiles that people present themselves as. And people lie or tell over-embellished truths about their interests, hobbies, even their relationship status.

When you meet someone online, it can be very exciting. You look at their photos and read their profiles and you instantly get smitten. Unfortunately, these don’t really tell us things like how funny one is or other characteristics that you might be looking for in a mate. Since people have the rime to curate their profiles and chat messages, they can make a potential mate having fantasies and high expectations about them. Unfortunately, such fantasies are not realistic.

Now when they take their online couple love offline, they end up getting disappointed when they realize that this person is nothing like the version they created in their heads.

Pressure for the digital intimacy to work out offline

So you have met this person and you are just this happy couple online. You have perfect chemistry and connection. Now, if you have been single for too long or have already told friends and family that you have found love online, you will be under pressure to really want the offline connection to work out even when you don’t feel it. At the same time, there is the time and energy that you have put on your digital intimacy that you don’t want it to go to waste. That is why it is important to meet offline sooner rather than later.

The true meaning of marriage isn’t to compromise your own happiness just because you don’t want your online relationship to be a huge waste of time. Some people tend to force things even after realizing that there is no offline connection. If there is no chemistry, just walk away.

Smooth online communication doesn’t necessarily translate into a smooth verbal communication

Online communication can be different from the way a person talks in person. A person can be very flirtatious online but not in real life. And flirting with a spouse is one of the most important things when it comes to how to be happy married couple and how couple love can last. People tend to be bolder when they are not physically interacting with someone. Sometimes, what you get online isn’t what you get in person.

Words can really make someone feel great. And that is why we all love the happy couple quotes that the online love is sending. But if these words don’t carry the same weight the did in person (based on one’s tone of voice and body language), then the offline relationship might not work.

Some people fake personalities

How well do you know your partner? The thing is, you can spend years in a digital relationship only to realize that you have been talking to some fake person. People tend to be on their best behavior behind the computer. So in order to avoid this, as soon as you hit it off, meet your online interest in person. Plan the date and just go without having very high expectations. Know that things can go either way.

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