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Piers Morgan is known for saying some pretty outrageous things, so nothing really surprises us anymore.

Or so we thought until the journalist and TV presenter said that Harvey Weinstein believes he will be “forgiven” for all the sexual assault allegations that have been made against him…

“I’ve spoken to Harvey in the clinic in Arizona, for about an hour. He’s fighting. He’s a fascinating character,” Piers Morgan said in an interview with GQ.

Piers Morgan then explained to the magazine that he wasn’t completely shocked by the sexual misconduct allegations made against the disgraced producer, but also shares Harvey Weinstein’s belief that he will be forgiven for his actions…

“I can’t express the same level of shock as some people in Hollywood. Listen, this has been the system since Hollywood existed,” he continued.

“It’s been a moral cesspit since the Twenties and the idea that Harvey Weinstein is the only villain? Do me a favor.

“Ultimately, Harvey believes he will be forgiven.”

And it isn’t just Piers and Harvey Weinstein who feel that way, as Rose McGowan – one of his most vocal accusers – has also spoken out about her predictions for HW’s fate…

“I think you have to understand the judicial system is completely stacked against victims in any way, shape or form, in that most people cannot, in fact, seek justice that way,” she previously said.

“It’s deeper than what it looks like on the surface, and I don’t think Harvey Weinstein will ever be prosecuted for any rapes.”

We have no idea if Piers, Harvey, and Rose are right about the lack of prosecution, but we’re certainly interested to know what will happen to him once he finished his treatment.

Do you think Hollywood will forgive and forget?