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Now that the final Riverdale episode featuring the late Luke Perry has aired, more of his co-stars have spoken out about him and the “amazingly generous, kind person” he was.

Mark Consuelos, who plays Hiram Lodge on the CW show, opened up about his late co-star, and the huge impact he left on him and the rest of the Riverdale cast…

“All the great things you’ve heard about Luke? They’re all true,” the 48-year-old told Esquire.

“That’s who he was. He was an amazingly generous, kind person. You can’t fake that. He was one of the good ones.”

Many cast members from Riverdale, as well as his old show Beverly Hills 90210, posted heartfelt tributes on Twitter and Instagram when it was made public that Luke Perry had passed away.

Mark Consuelos kept his sadness and condolences away from social media, and told Esquire that his silence shouldn’t be taken as anything other than respect for his co-star…

“I commiserated with my cast, we spent time together, we had meals over it,” he said when asked about the moments following the tragic news.

“I reached out to the family and said what I had to say to them. That’s all that was important to me. You know, about grieving in the public eye, sometimes it becomes about something else and I don’t necessarily like that. It’s not about me; it’s about Luke.”

We totally understand his way of thinking – and really hope that he wasn’t criticized for not making a public statement on social media.

“One thing about Luke that always struck me was the way he talked about his life,” Mark Consuelos continued about his late co-star.

“He had so many good stories, and he saw them as chapters in his life. He recalled them with such fondness, even if it was a stty time.

“He always found the wit and humor in these crazy situations. He always found the beauty in it. I knew him for such a short time and he had such an impact on me, and everyone around him.

“I feel grateful that maybe I was a passage, a page or two, in a chapter of his life.”

Beautifully said.

Rest in peace, Luke Perry.