Want a hair retouch this fall? Well, here is a guide to four hottest hair color trends this season. So before you head on to the salon, these are some of the ideas you can explore with your stylist:

1. Consider going ‘ronze

‘ronze is a color combination between coppery red and bronzy brunetter (pictured above). It is one of the hottest colors because its a great transition from brighter to richer colors. This is kind of hair color rocked by Eva Longoria or Emma Stone. The color warms up every skin tone.

Ask your salonist to add a semi-permanent gloss, which gives most hairs (but grays) a richer tone and dimension. However if your hair is graying, then you will have to use both permanent dye and gloss.

In order to cut back on salon visits, celebrity colorist, Charlie Taylor, advises one to cut back on shampooing since the red shades tend to fade faster. She also advises on using a color-depositing shampoo, like Joico Color Infuse Red Shampoo to revive the hair and add shine to it.

2. Try hair strobin

This hair trend is guaranteed to add radiance to your strands. Kari Hill, a celebrity colorist for L’Oréal Paris in Los Angeles says: “Hand-painted highlights are tailored to your hairstyle and face shape to enhance your features”. This is one of the easiest style to maintain because it needs fewer touch ups because the color grows up naturally.

The highlights can be placed at the roots, mid-shaft or ends. Gisele Bündchend is one celebrity who loves rocking this hair color trend.

3. Try rooting

This is when a darker semi permanent gloss is applied at the root; about half and inch to an inch. Roots were considered not stylish but now people are going for that regrowth look. Gwyneth Paltrow  and Julianne Hough are some of the celebs embracing this trend.

Done well, the color grows seamlessly; with fewer touch ups (even up to 6 months between appointments).

4. Go neutral

According to Hill, neutral hair goes well with anything. A neutral color hairdo is toneless. The warm and cool shades need to be balanced to cancel each other out. Women of all complexions can rock this natural looking color.

To maintain this hair color, use a deep conditioner once a week to amp us shine. Phyto PhytoElixir Intense Nutrition Mask works just fine. While in between appointments, ask your colorist for a gloss to get rid of any unwanted tones.