Guys, let’s face it, women can be a real mystery most of the time.  Even if you feel that you’re a pretty accomplished flirt, most guys are notoriously bad at figuring out whether or not the woman they’re talking to is even remotely interested in them.  This article will help to demystify the fairer sex, and help you gauge whether or not the lady in question is receptive to your efforts and genuinely interested in you.  Let’s dive right in!

From Across A Crowded Room

across-roomAttraction and interest are often signaled before you even start talking.  If you catch a woman glancing at you long enough to make eye contact, then looking away, then making eye contact again, she’s probably interested.  That is essentially an unspoken invitation to strike up a conversation, as opposed to a woman who “dismisses you with her eyes” by glancing your way, then looking away and not bothering to look back.  By all means, take her up on that unspoken invitation!

Facing Forward

eye-contactIn general, and this is true of both men and women, the more strongly a person is facing you and is maintaining an open posture, the more interested they are.  People tend to present you with a profile and spend more time turned at least partly away from you if they’re not really that interested.  Some people even subconsciously use props to signal disinterest.  That could be anything from holding an object between you, to constantly checking their phone or texting while you’re talking.  If you see an open posture and no use of those prop defenses, then that’s another strong signal that the person you’re talking to is genuinely interested.

Eye Contact

The more direct eye contact you get, the higher the level of interest.  Again, people can, and often will use props to avoid making eye contact.  Smartphones are the go-to choice for this, and if you think back on your own conversations with people you weren’t all that into, you’ve probably done some of this yourself.

The Head Tilt

head-tiltThis is a subtle signal, most often done subconsciously, and it definitely signifies interest.  Women will often do this along with a whole host of other subconscious actions including, a coquettish smile, “eye play,” touching or flipping her own hair to draw your attention to it, and so on.  All of these are signs of definite interest.


closeWe tend to move closer to the people we’re interested in.  That’s true of both men and women.  If you notice that she’s minimizing the space between you by moving closer, she’s interested.

Opening Up

This one should be obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many times guys miss this.  Think about it:  Do you share personal details about your life with someone you don’t care anything about?  Of course not, why would you?  Well, the same is true of women.  If she starts opening up and sharing details about her life with you, then she’s interested.

The bottom line here, is simple.  Don’t waste time flirting with someone who just isn’t into you.  All that does is frustrate both you, and the person you’re trying to flirt with.  On the other hand, if you see one or more of the signs outlined above, keep working your magic!