Are you worried that the man you are crazy about is slowly slipping away? Here are some proven ways to grab his attention and make him miss you…

Surefire tips for understanding how to make a man miss you

If you want to rekindle a stale relationship (or a dead one for that matter!) you will need to know how to make your boyfriend miss you. The goal is to disappear long enough to make him start to think about you with butterflies flapping crazily in his belly. Hey, you can even use these tested and proven tips to get your ex back, so fingers crossed!

You know what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder? He will miss you if you know how to play the game! Here’s how to make him miss you and want you back:

Radiate happiness

Happiness will give you an irresistible glow! Once you’re happy with yourself, you have already accomplished 50% of your goal. You bet that everyone loves to be around a happy person. True happiness comes from within, and you should be happy with your body, your job, your life and everything around you. Chances are, your innate happiness will light up whatever space you occupy so that once you leave, everyone will begin to miss your sunshine.

Hang out with friends that aren’t him

There’s no way to make him miss you if you guys are always joined at the hip. Make time to paint the town red with your special group of girlfriends and post one or two well-chosen snaps on your social media. Not only will that get his attention but it will also project you as an independent, fun-loving person. Hanging out with friends serves the dual purpose of maintaining a relationship with the girls and that’s also how to give him space and make him miss you.

Don’t always rush to reply

This tip makes it to this important list of how to make him miss you and call you more because rushing to answer his calls and answer his texts will make you seem too available. Give the messages time to marinate before you type a reply. Sometimes you need to sleep on it and answer in the morning (wink).

Also, cut back on the multi-paragraph replies. Keep it short and sweet. You need to appear busy and unavailable. Most importantly, reduce the number of times you actually initiate contact. If you want to make him miss you, you will have to step aside and let him take the lead with the calls and texts.

Switch off your mobile devices and unplug from the world

This will be a little hard for you social media addicts. But aren’t we all glued to our phones these days? Switch off your mobile devices periodically and watch him start to miss your presence. Your excuse? You’re busy. You’re trying to relive the old days when people actually stepped outside and enjoyed the great outdoors. The truth is, switching off is beneficial for you. The fact that it will make him miss you is just a delicious bonus!

Travel alone or with other friends

Traveling is great for you! A quick trip somewhere exotic will provide you with an unforgettable adventure, and it will also make him miss you like crazy. The trip doesn’t even have to be expensive to achieve its goal of giving you beautiful memories and making your man wish he were by your side. Save up for it. If you aren’t keen about going alone, you can sweet-talk your girlfriend into going on a girls’ trip with you.

Now that you are relaxing by the poolside and sipping pina colada in a breathtaking locale, don’t forget to take a few Insta-worthy snaps in your sexy bikini.

Stop talking to him for a while

Communication is important for relationships, but so is a strategic lack of communication. Take yourself off the grid. Be available for anyone but him. How? Send his calls straight to voicemail. Let his messages cool in your inbox before you open. When you do attend to his calls and messages, be sweet about replying late. And let him know you’ve been terribly busy to keep in touch, of course! Admittedly, it will be difficult to cut communication with him if it is a long distance relationship, but you can do it!

Hang up First

If you want to master how to make him miss you, you should know that there’ll be no talking on the phone until you run out of things to say. Cap your interactions with him and always make sure you say goodbye first and hang up the phone. If you’re chatting with him, be the first to send a good night text. He’ll miss your conversations and want to call you back immediately. You might find this difficult at first, especially if you guys were having such a great conversation that you suddenly need to end.

Cut down on social media use

Too much social media will lead to overexposure. And if you want to make him miss you, you need to restrict your social media time. You don’t want him knowing what’s up with you 24/7 now, do you? You have to actually create space for him to miss you. Going on a semi-social media break is another way to disappear and watch him wonder where you are. When you finally decide to get that much-needed social media break, you should:

  • Resist the temptation to view his snaps and Instagram stories
  • Hold back yourself from liking or commenting on his stuff
  • Reduce the number of status updates you normally make

He will obviously go through his comments wondering where yours went. This will not be easy for you, we know. But you’re creating the impression that your life is going so well and you don’t have the time for frivolities like social media. You may be actively itching to lean on your like button to show his cute, new picture some love. But hold off on that now, will you? Play the long game until he starts to crave you like cool water in a burning desert.

Leave yourself behind

Plan to leave him a few souvenirs whenever you visit him. You don’t have to leave behind the big stuff like panties and clothes. Those are too obvious. In this game of making him miss you, you’ll have to be subtle and stealthy! Your tiny (totally inexpensive) earring will do the trick. You’ll cross his mind when he starts rummaging in his glove compartment and comes up with your bracelet or hair ties. Chances are he’ll want to seek you out and pretend to return your items.

Dress up and make sure you run into him

If there’s any chance that you’ll run into him, make sure you look your utmost best. You know how you always run into the people you know the day you decide to leave your house in your crumpled pajamas and disheveled hair? That should never happen with you and him!

If you both love to go to the mall or a particular restaurant and you have a need to be in the vicinity, put on a killer outfit and some gorgeous shoes. Walk in there and take his breath away.

Don’t try too hard to make him miss you

Putting this in an article that talks about how to make him miss you seems counterproductive, right? But this is the most important tip of all! You don’t want him to smell something off and start to suspect your motives. You also don’t want to appear like you’re stalking him. You absolutely don’t want to be called desperate.

So, how do you strike the balance? The simple answer is: live your best life even when you’re not with him. He’ll want to be a part of your life when he notices you out there having a blast without him!

Don’t give it up so easily

He will start to take you for granted when he calls you up at all hours, knowing you’ll show up all hot and ready for him. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional booty call, but too much of anything is bad. How about you ignore his next ‘hey stranger’ text in the middle of the night? As much as you love a good tumble between the sheets and great kinky sex, you’ll have to go off the grid and make him yearn for you!

Go out with other people

This tip is for those who want their exes back. Why wait around to get him back when you can go out and have fun with someone else? Keep your options open and shop around in the dating market. Go out with your new find and enjoy a great night out. Expect two outcomes:

  • You run into him and he sees what he has lost and goes on his hands and knees, begging you to come back to him.
  • You really don’t want to make him miss you anymore because your new date is such a catch!

 Get a Makeover

Reinvent yourself! Out with the old, in with the new! You know how you’ve always planned to get that fresh, new haircut? Now is the time to give birth to a new you and look sexy. Donate your old clothes and go shopping for new ones. With your new haul, you are sure to navigate the world with brand new confidence that will make him want to run back to you. An article on how to make him miss you will not be complete without mentioning doing something for yourself.

Reveal yourself to him in layers

He will get bored if he knows everything there is to know about you. So, it is important to leave room for a little bit of mystery. Open yourself to him, but not at once. Feed him information about yourself in bits. Make sure he digests something about you before you ply him with another one.

Men love mysterious women. You’ll be more appealing when there’s a mysterious glint in your eyes that suggest you actually know a lot more than you’re letting on. The intrigue will keep him coming back to get another piece of the puzzle.

Invest Time in Your Work

Set goals and work hard to achieve them. This will give you less time to worry about how to make your busy boyfriend miss you. Once you start minding your own business and achieving your career goals, he will sit up and take notice. After all, everyone loves a successful woman.

Minding your business as a tactic to make him miss you totally works! It helps you become the boss lady you’ve always wanted to be while also making your man run back into your arms. Win-win!

Get a Life!

And we mean this in the best possible way. Create a life separate from his, as this will make him miss you and call you more. Hang out with your own fun-loving circle of friends. Have your own hobbies. Invest time in your career or education. Basically, live your life independent of him.

The fact that you’ve got your own thing going on will make you more attractive to him. Also, since you have carved out space for yourself independent of him, he will want to be a part of your life. You should work hard to make yourself an independent woman before you start asking how to make a man miss you more.

Leave Your Signature Behind

Your signatures, in this instance, are the things that will make him think of you when you’re not around. By now you should have known what perfume he likes. When next you visit him, spray your perfume discreetly in random parts of his house. Don’t let him see you do it! This guarantees that he’ll walk into his closet and get hit with your smell. Way to make him think about you!

Also, play your favorite song in his car a lot. When he drives to the store to grab something and Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You comes on, guess who he’ll be thinking about?

Why Should You Want to Make Him Miss You?

Getting him interested is usually so easy. But over time, the relationship could begin to drag. This is when you need to know how to make him miss you. There’s no harm in trying to make him love you with the heat of a thousand suns as he had done at the beginning of your relationship. These tips are lighthearted ways to make him look your way again.

However, if you try all these and your man still isn’t making any effort to give you his time, you should:

  • Communicate with him

How about baring your feeling and telling him how you really feel? You should know when to take a break and just talk. Otherwise, all your efforts to get him to miss you will become counterproductive. Remember, you’re not trying to push him away but trying to draw him closer.

  • Ensure you don’t use your absence as a punishment

As mentioned earlier, you are not depriving him of your presence as a form of punishment. It might seem like he deserves your silence, but hold that thought, would you? You don’t want him to think you’re manipulative.

  • Know when to walk away

Okay, this sounds rather morbid, but you should know when your relationship has run its course. You don’t want to come off as trying too hard and needy when you should just walk away. Leaving, when you have exhausted all your options, will set you free to meet other amazing new people. Walking away allows you to move on with your dignity intact.

There are times you just have to resign to the fact that he is probably not that into you. Read this article on Love is all Colors to pick up on such signs!