Wondering how soon is too soon to fall in love? Well, I believe falling in love shouldn’t be something to rush in to. It needs to be savored. There are lots of people who usually have the fear of being alone that they find themselves in a hurry to meet someone. Such a hurry usually jeopardizes most relationships. So how do you know if you are falling in love too fast?

Below, Love is All Colors goes over some of the signs a relationship is moving too fast. Read on…

Moving too fast in a relationship signs

Rebound relationship

Are you just from a long-term relationship and searching for love right after? Then you are definitely looking for love from a lonely place. How soon is too soon to fall in love? That is too soon so you need to slow things down.

The thing is, some people connect immediately with a new person right after a breakup and feel the relief that they are no longer alone. So they feel the need to make the relationship more permanent by falling in love quickly. This fear of loneliness can lead to more trouble later in the relationship.

Do you know how to slow down a relationship that is a rebound? If you are just from a breakup, focus more on repairing a relationship with yourself. Have some me-time first and cleanse yourself from the toxicity of the previous relationship. You will know you are ready when you begin to want to have a relationship as opposed to needing one.

Too much communication

Are you always checking in on the other person constantly and overanalyzing all the texts this person you just met sends? Are you using your phone as a means to monitor the movements of your partner? Then you need to know that doing so will jeopardize the relationship even before it begins.

If you feel that you need this special person to respond immediately you text, then it means you are falling in love quickly.

Overly vulnerable with someone you just met

If you find yourself trusting some a little too soon then that is one of the moving too fast in a relationship signs. Trust is not something you hand to someone you just met on an online dating site for instance. If you want to know how to slow down a relationship like this one, you need to give yourself time to get to know this person. Don’t go dishing all your deepest secrets on the third date.

Give this person a little trust. If they prove with their actions that they are worthy of your trust, then you can pull them in slowly.

Sleeping over at their place more than you sleep at your place

If you are wondering how soon is too soon to fall in love, then this is one of the major signs. Too many sleepovers too early in the relationship need to be avoided. It’s a tough rule… but it’s one worth following.

Slipping into the pattern of having someone by your side every night can be tempting especially if you are coming from a long-term relationship. But you need to realize that everyone needs their space before the relationship turns into something deeper.

Before ‘moving in together’ every other night, give one another some space in the first few months and learn a little more about the person.

Saying “I love you” in less than a week and already planning your wedding in your head…

If you just met him or her and have already said I love you, it’s how you know when relationships move too fast. If you are already planning your future in the first week, this is one of the other signs a relationship is moving too fast. You need to hit the brakes!

I understand the exhilaration and the emotional rush that comes with being in a new relationship. Well, it’s probably just that. Don’t let that intense rush of emotions full you into thinking that you are falling in love. More often than not, telling a person you love them too soon can scare a person away.

Don’t confuse love and lust or infatuation. Give yourself time to get to know the person better and let the emotions of love build up organically. We all want a happily ever after story. You can’t hurry love. Just take things a day at a time. Don’t rush your story.

You are ignoring your deal breakers

The thing is we all have our standards and things that we would never compromise even for a relationship. If you want to know how soon is too soon to fall in love, it’s when you find yourself bending over backward for someone you just met.

We all come with baggage when entering a new relationship. So once in a while, we might be forced to take one for the team in the name of compromise. However if this special someone is making you ignore your core values and beliefs that you hold dear, then it means you are falling in love too fast.

Take a step backward and analyze whether you are idealizing with your partner’s views while sabotaging your values and beliefs. The thing is compromising on things you believe in might not matter when the relationship is still fresh. But trust me, when the chemistry is gone, that’s when some of these things really matter.

You are suddenly ignoring your friends

There is always the temptation of wanting to spend as much time as you can with the person you just met. But if you find yourself dumping your friends just to be with this person, then it’s a sign of a relationship moving too fast.

You have met their family and friends in a month

If the relationship takes it normal and great course, eventually you will meet their family. Friends, it’s quite acceptable when the relationship is young. This special someone probably wants to show you off to their friends. But family! Not in the first month when all you are doing is thinking with your privates.

Meeting family is very important. It’s something that shouldn’t be done too soon. The thing is when you let the relationship move too fast, you will miss out on other things. Take your time with each other before meeting each other’s family. Just take a breath and enjoy each other fast. Whatever the circumstances, meeting someone’s family in the first month is a sign of a relationship moving too fast.

You are talking about moving in together

There are some perks of moving in together… logistically. Everything gets split into half. Plus, you tend to spend every night with this new special someone. Tempting as it may be, don’t let yourself slide into cohabitation too fast. It actually causes more harm than good. There is a higher risk of divorce in most couples who move in together before making a defined commitment to one another.

How soon is too soon to fall in love? If you are rushing to becoming roomies with someone you just met, then that is one sign. Give your relationship time for the relationship to evolve naturally. Build the foundation of love first. Learn how to deal with each other’s faults first before putting the relationship under pressure by moving in together.

Parting shot

Relationships are amazing… especially the fresh ones when all you feel when you see this person is just butterflies. Don’t feel the pressure to move things too fast. Most relationships follow some form of timeline. Much as whirlwind love is exhilarating, the above signs should serve as a wakeup call to reevaluate the pace at which your relationship is taking.

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