Once you finally find someone you love spending time with, things can seem magical. Everything is going well and you’re willing to go through anything to ensure that you’ll be spending as much time as possible with this other person.

Unfortunately, part of this means accepting that your partner has ambitions that might take them far away from you geographically. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it shows how strong of a relationship you have if you’re both willing to be committed to each other even if you can’t be physically close to each other on a regular basis. However, that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. Making sure to surprise them with loving messages is essential to letting them know they’re still in your thoughts. That makes sure your emotional bases are covered, but what about your physical ones?

Thanks to modern technology, there are some ways to keep the intimate spark in your relationship alive and give both parties a suitable release.

Over The Phone

phone call

Calling up your partner over the phone and whispering sweet nothings to them is a surefire way to get the hair on both of your necks standing up at full mast, among other things. Tell your partner all of the things you miss about them physically. Tell them what you’d do to them if they were right there in front of you. Capitalize on all of the pent up sexual tension between you two. Leverage the distance between you two to make you want each other more than anything else in the world. Don’t worry about what you say exactly. Just focus on letting your partner know they’re desired and that you’re jumping at the bit to see them again.

Use Long Distance Sex Toys

video sex

It was only a matter of time before a company got together and figured out how to make sex toys that can transmit to one another to help people in long distance relationships bridge the intimacy gap. Many couples have been using long distance sex toys to keep their long distance relationships fun and interesting. In the following article, Angela Watson explains her long distance sex experience with her husband. A typical session involves using Bluetooth enabled toys. These allow one partner to control what their toy is doing through their cell phone. This lets two partners separated by distance small and large feel like they’re still satisfying one another sexually.

Use Skype

video callSkype is a great way to have a steamy webcam session with your dearly beloved. Put on a show for your partner on your webcam and get them to follow your commands until they reach climax. Pleasuring yourselves at the same time as one another while you can see what each other is doing is one of Skype’s main selling points when it comes to long distance relationships.

Parting Words

Just because you aren’t in the same building or even the same country as the person you’re madly in love with it doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed to fizzle out. So long as you both keep trying your hardest to keep things interesting you’re setting yourself up for a downright explosive reunion the next time you two touch.