Finding that perfect someone to spend your lifetime loving sometimes seems so very far out of reach.  You may have tried absolutely everything with no success. This might make it hard to socialize with friends and family because you feel like a failure in the love game they may have mastered.

Invigorate your search for a soulmate.

Consider the following tips and you may find you soon are living out the sweetness of true love rather than simply dreaming.

Reevaluate Your Criteria

criteriaMaybe some of your friends, or your mom, have encouraged you to widen your search. This might be a not so subtle code for “don’t be so picky.” If you have a certain type of man or woman in mind and refuse to deviate, you may be missing out on some really quality individuals who might be more in tune with you. If you have standards about age, education or earning power, rethink how this may be limiting your choices. Don’t get caught in the trap of believing you need to settle for someone who meets the criteria you have established. If your heart doesn’t sing when that guy or gal is around, let it go.

Avoid Comparisons

If you are feeling desperate because all of your friends seem to be ecstatic about their significant others know that no one but the two people in a relationship truly understand what is really happening. You are important enough to wait as long as it takes to find a person who values and loves you no matter how “happy” other couples seem. You also do not need to pursue that same type of woman or man that your circle of friends seem to identify as preferable. It is possible you haven’t found “the one” because that type of person is just not a good fit for you. Branch out a little and embrace the whole range of potential mates.

Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

cooking-classJoin a club or start volunteering. Try an online dating service even if you swore you never would. Accept when a good friend invites you to dinner with an eligible man or woman also gracing the table. Take a class or learn a new skill. Any activity you take that increases the possibility of introducing you to new dating prospects can be taking you one step closer to finding “The One.” If you are shy find the courage to smile and chat with a stranger on a plane or next to your table at the local coffee shop. If you are gregarious hold back a little and let others come to you. Mix it up and you might like the changes you see.

Pursue A Personal Passion

Concentrate less on looking for love and focus a bit on yourself. If you never finished your degree look into resuming a course of study. Throw yourself into writing, cooking, working out, art — be there for yourself and take care of your needs. When you truly love and care for yourself the world around you may shift. A reinvented and improved, is a different person with a confident and contented vibe. That may attract people who share the same passions — which can lead to a passion of a different kind.

Patience Please

If you have ever suffered through a toxic relationship you know being alone is far better than being neglected or abused. All good things take time and frequently come to those who wait. Don’t impose an artificial timeline for yourself. These things need to happen at the right time with the proper person.

Once you lock onto that person you’ve been waiting for all the time, pain and sadness will dissipate into a strong and loving relationship. As all the songs say, you can’t buy it or hurry it. It makes it all the sweeter when the man or woman of your dreams recognizes you two share the same vision. Dream on.