There are so many reasons that this year one can feel loneliness at Christmas. The death of a spouse, being away from relatives. But the one that takes the crown this year is being alone for Christmas because of social isolation. This can be really challenging for people who have no relatives, family, or friends that they can enjoy the holidays with. You might get anxious that you are going to be alone but I know you can survive it. You can choose to deal with the anxiety of feeling lonely, find fun things to put some zing into the holidays, or plan ahead so that come next year, you will not be alone during the holidays.

Scroll on as we bring you some simple tips that will be of great help this Christmas…

Dealing with being single at Christmas

One thing I am going to tell you is that being single at Christmas is not a death sentence. Does it suck? Yes, it sure does. Should you just sit around and mop about it? Don’t. You can make the choice to suck it up and face the world head-on! The thing is, Christmas is not only for couples. It’s a holiday for everyone. All you need is the jolly Christmas cheer and you are good to go. People or no people around you, you need to totally own your dating status.

So you don’t need to be gloomy when you hear the word Christmas. There is nothing wrong with being single on this day. It’s a day like any other. Well, below are some of the ways that will ensure that you survive this day fabulously. Apply some of these tips and you will for sure deal with loneliness at Christmas.

Deal with your mental state by embracing your single status

Winter blues are for real. That much I can tell you. The easiest way to deal with the mental state of feeling lonely at Christmas is to accept and own your singlehood. It is okay to be single on this jolly day. What would you rather? Being single during the holidays or being in a bad relationship? I pick the latter.

There are those annoying aunts and relatives of ours who like asking the annoying “why are you still single” question. Well, be ready for an answer for them… “I’d rather be single than be in a bad relationship”. Dodge these questions with some sarcastic and sassy answers. Or just politely tell them to buzz off.

Stop focusing on being single. Turn things around and have some fun by turning to online dating and using some of these pick up lines. You know, all you need to know about overcoming Christmas loneliness is to just get a little flirty with other singles. Live a little. Get your flirt on.

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean that now you settle for less just so people can see you have a guy or girl. Prioritize and love and accept yourself. Trust me, This Christmas, make being single the best experience of your life.

Try online dating

Remember when I talked about preparing yourself for the future? Well, this is one of the best ways to ensure this. Much as you are alone for Christmas, there is Valentine’s Day coming up in about six weeks or so. So dating when lonely at Christmas is something that you need to really consider.

According to online dating surveys, there is usually a surge in online dating use by members during the holidays and just after the holidays. The thing is, you are not the only single person at Christmas. More members who are single like you during the Christmas holidays are the ones who sign-up a fresh during this time. Those who are inactive members are now renewing their memberships. Apparently, there are lots of connections that happen online.

Well, take advantage of this online surge and snug yourself a Valentine’s Day date or connect with someone and you will be set for all other holidays that are coming up…

So why not sign up on an online dating site like InterracialDatingCentral. Registration is FREE and easy. But if you want to get ahead of the pack, then go for the premium package and enjoy all the communication features available. Who knows…A lot can happen in six weeks… Love doesn’t have to come to you on Christmas day.

And if you are single even on this day, there will be other singles online on this day. Love doesn’t have to come your way on this particular day. There are other days ahead. Just keep an open and positive mind.

Enjoy it to the fullest

The last and most important thing about how to overcome loneliness at Christmas is to just roll with it and enjoy the day. You might be feeling lonely at Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that now you give up on yourself. There is more to life than snuggling with someone under the blanket with someone on Christmas eve. Much as we are all social beings and the idea of snuggling is much better, it might not really be enough.

One thing you need to acknowledge if you are to survive loneliness at Christmas is that sometimes all it takes is just doing what makes you happy. See, when you are alone, you can just be yourself and do you. You don’t have to now start pleasing the people around you at Christmas. You won’t have to start leasing a car so that you can go make your other siblings and relatives jealous. Being alone means being yourself.

So, you have been having winter blues on all holidays since Thanksgiving. But have you ever noticed that Christmas just has a way of lighting up everyone’s face… even the saddest of them all? It’s all about celebration and love.

The thing is, Christmas is a cherished event that has been celebrated for years. So this year, do not let it pass you by over something as trivial as the feelings of loneliness. If you dig deeper and look at the bright side, just like in everything situation that is gloomy, you can find blessings that come with being single during the holidays.

Look at it this way. You can do anything you want with zero restrictions. You can give whatever it is you do 100% love. How about making it a point to change the course of your life and start doing things afresh? Trying something new might seem hard but it’s worth the shot.

Get in the Christmassy mood

Plan a fabulous day for yourself if you know being alone is inevitable, especially with the self-isolation and the lockdown in place. Light up your house. GO online and treat yourself to something great. Decorate your house.

Send out gifts. Sometimes the recipe for overcoming Christmas loneliness is to spread cheer. Gifting someone else is the best way to get into the mood. I know you know that joyful feeling when someone calls you to say thank you for the special gift you sent them. That appreciation itself can take away most of your loneliness. You know that there is someone out there who appreciates you… making you feel less lonely.

Loneliness shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this special holiday. Use this time when you are alone to relax and reflect or drop the clichés and do something offbeat like learning a new language or writing a novel.

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