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Kim Kardashian’s dream of becoming a lawyer might take a little bit longer than planned, as the 40-year-old mom-of-four has failed the baby bar exam.

According to Kim – who goes into more detail about the course and the exam in the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians – she scored 474 on the test but needed 560 to pass.

She told her sisters she felt like a “failure”, and was initially hesitant to take the test again…

“I am a failure,” she confessed.

“To not pass gets your spirits down. It makes you want to give up.

“I’m filming the ending of our show, which will be so emotional. I have every birthday under the sun — it’s my 40th. I planned this whole trip and it’s too late to cancel.

“And if I fail again, it’s like, what’s the point?

“I could try… or I could just give up, I really need to think about it.”

However, Kim appears to have had a change of heart since filming that episode, and is actually very determined to succeed…

“Unfortunately, I haven’t passed yet, but I’m not giving up,” Kim Kardashian told fans during an Instagram Q&A, after admitting that she found the test “extremely difficult”.

“I’m preparing to take it again soon,” she added.

We have high hopes that she can do it, especially considering the fact that she was studying for the “extremely difficult” exam during a global pandemic, going through a divorce, and also co-parenting her four children…

“That is extremely close on a test that most people are not taking in the middle of a pandemic,” attorney Jessica Jackson, who is mentoring Kim, can be heard saying on the episode.

“If you do law school the way that I’m doing it, it is a four-year program instead of your typical three-year program,” Kim also says in her Keeping Up with the Kardashians confessional.

“After year one, you have to take the baby bar. This one actually is harder, I hear, than the official bar.”

Watch a clip of Kim confiding in her sisters, Kourtney and Khloe, on the latest episode of KUWTK.