I will say it again, “If you want it you can have it”.  That great body that you have been craving for, you can get it. But what is standing in your way? For most people sticking to a diet and a regular exercise regime can be hard. Other people have tried diet after diet but the scale just isn’t coming down even after all that healthy living. Question is: Are you dieting wrongly? What mistakes are you making? Are there some habits in your life that could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts?

Read on to find out more…

Tips on how to slim down

There are some people who don’t slim down no matter how healthy they live their lives because they probably chose the wrong diet plan. But the diet plan doesn’t really count when looking for answers on how to lose weight. The number one secret on how to slim down is to get the right calory balance. You have to burn more calories than you are consuming. But can you do this? Of course, you can. If you want it you can have it.

Below are some of the reasons why your weight loss plan isn’t working. Try and be conscious about these and things will start turning around…

Constant snacking when hungry

There are people who always find themselves hungry. It’s like no matter how much they eat, they can’t seem to shake off the hunger pangs. Now if you are the person that keeps snacking on chips and doughnuts, these are some of the things to cut out of your diet.

The best way to deal with these hunger pangs is to pick out different foods. Breakfast is one meal that can really help out. Your breakfast needs to be packed with foods that are high in fiber and lean proteins. These are weight loss friendly foods. This is because they make you feel fuller for longer thereby reducing the frequent feeling of hunger during the day.

Incorporating “diet” soda to your weight loss plan

Yes, they say its diet soda. Now the disadvantage of taking the diet soda is that a person tends to over-compensate for these calories when they are eating. Plus diet soda makes you pack weight around the waist.

So many products dubbed “low fat” or “low sugar” don’t necessarily mean that they have fewer calories than the regular ones. Most of the time, when something has been reduced, its replaced by another in order to maintain the taste. So, whenever buying something from the supermarket, always check the calories. Don’t let those marketing strategies fool you.

Extreme dieting

Some people take dieting way too far. Now, if you are a person who used to eat a lot, it’s not advisable to just shock your body with a ‘starvation diet. This will just set you up for failure. You need to take enough calories, minerals, and vitamins that the body needs.

Have you been wondering why you have been starving yourself only to for the results to be that you are gaining more weight? Well, this is because when you starve yourself your body goes into crisis mode. So all the calories that your body gets get converted in to fat.

But can you do this dieting by starting small? Yes. Start by reducing the amount of food on your plate slowly and gradually.

No exercise

Yes, you are on a diet. Don’t let anyone fool you that diet alone will do the trick. Exercise is very important. But there are a lot of people who are dying to lose weight but don’t want to hear exercise mentioned.

Maybe you are overweight and are thinking that you can’t do it. Yes, you can. The key to succeeding is to find activities that you enjoy doing that keeps you moving. If you are wondering how to lose weight fast with exercise, then you need to stop looking at exercise as exercise. You need to tell yourself “But I can do this”. Pick out things that can be fun. Do you enjoy swimming? Do that. How about hiking with friends or taking walks. Whatever physical activity you enjoy doing, do more of it.

If you want it you can have it. All you need to do is to avoid the above dieting pitfalls. Like earlier mentioned, you need to keep a record of your calory intake. Plus, if you want to stick to a diet, start reducing the amounts of food you eat gradually. You can have the ideal weight that you have been targeting for easily and maintain it longer. Don’t forget to exercise.

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