As ridiculous as it sounds, some people genuinely feel that white women are pushed into interracial relationships, rather than choosing their partner out of their own preference. Much as we are growing more tolerant to in biracial relationships also general racist prejudice toward mixed relationships.

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Are white women really pushed into biracial relationships?

Possibly you’re a white woman with a black partner – one of many interracial women reading this. And someone has possibly told you that the reason you’re dating a black man is that you were pushed into it!  Or maybe you’ve seen the numerous online platforms arguing that white women are “pushed” into mixed relationships for reasons that don’t simply equate to falling in love and wanting to be together.

Take the example of the video below. Apparently, when white people are called white supremacists for not being attracted to other race, that phrase kinda coerces them into interracial dating. They are also saying that those encouraging people to mix have an endgame of wiping the entire white race. That way, if we have more mixed individuals, racism will cease to exist.

The woman in the video feels biracial relationships are “anti-white, anti-diversity and an act of hate”.

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Sadly interracial relationships problems still exist. People still bombard such couples with all kinds of unkind racist comments.  There’s even talk of convincing others of white privilege in interracial relationships. Maybe this is a generational thing. (Although when it comes to interracial dating tolerance, resistance is still apparent in younger people too)

Let’s look deeper at what’s being said…

White Women Are Pushed into Mixed Relationships to Create a “Master Race”

There is also firm belief from some that blending couples is part of a mysterious, secret mission to eradicate different races.  It’s not simply about love, happiness, and a tolerant society.

Some very right wing biased people actually state that pushing these types of relationships has a deeper intention, to create a “master” race of lighter brown-skinned people, that is no different to Hitler in the 1940’s with his dreams of an Aryan race. As ridiculous as it sounds, there are genuinely those who think it is a propaganda exercise.

It’s Simply Nature…

Realistically speaking, this preposterous “master race” idea will never happen as there are so many different races, colors, religions, and ethnicities.  There are Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Black and White to name a few – and all with their own distinguishing features.

What interracial relationships will do is extend into new ethnicities rather than creating one “master race”. Humans evolve and it’s taken millions of years to get to where we are now through evolution. And we will continue to evolve.  Interracial marriages/relationships are part of that evolution process but that is nature, not propaganda.

A White Woman in a Relationship with a Black Man is Fashionable?

Yes, you could argue it’s fashionable to blend white with black – but that’s no bad thing!  It’s the way one chooses to translate it. In my opinion actually, it’s fashionable NOT to be racist and prejudiced.  Racism, in a modern world, is never in fashion – tolerance is in fashion and it’s a fashion statement that will hopefully in time, become a timeless classic.

Honestly, how the hell is human emotion a fashion statement?

White A-list celebrities who marry black men are together not for fashion purposes, but for love and emotion.  They’ve made it fashionable to be accepting of their relationships. These celebs show that it’s fashionable to look past color.

We see white women with black partners on television, in movies and certainly in advertising – and we should applaud them. But are these models used as a mechanism to push interracial relationships because they’re fashionable?

NO! These relationships are depicted because they are acceptable and show what a modern world is like.  If celebrity or other media-exposed interracial relationships teach anything, it is that blended relationships are completely socially acceptable.

Its human emotion that’s involved in all relationships regardless of color and emotion is not fashion. A black partner or a white partner is not a new, fashionable handbag!  Interracial relationships are entirely normal.  It’s unlikely that Prince Harry married Meghan Markle to make a fashion statement!

What about good old fashioned love and the rules of attraction?

While there will always be people that are racist, against mixed marriages/relationships black and white, Jew and non-Jew, Christian and Catholic… the fact is that love and attraction will always exist.  When you fall in love with someone, it’s so much more than just their appearance. It runs deeper, to personality, common goals, similar interests, like-mindedness and simply wanting similar things in life.  Love is all colors.

Stop using reverse psychology on white women

No woman is pushed into an interracial relationship, and no woman should be pushed into a relationship that they don’t want to be in either, regardless of color.  As everyone should know, you don’t choose who you fall in love with, it just happens!

If you’re a white woman in an interracial relationship and you’ve been told that you were pushed into it, consider it a form of reverse psychology! It’s a myth perpetrated by people trying to prevent mixed relationships.

If you’ve been subject to pressure to get out of an interracial relationship, then why not read this article on quashing myths about interracial couples and always stay true to yourself and your partner.