The Tiny House movement is sweeping America. There are web sites, magazines, TV shows and blogs every where you look. And those Tiny Houses look so adorable, so livable, and so affordable. But is a tiny home right for you?

Here are some key questions that you need to ask yourself before you sell your McMansion and rush out to build or buy a minute, yet bijou, doll’s house home.

Are You Tidy?


If your friends walk into your home think you’ve been burgled, then chances are a Tiny Home isn’t for you. When space is limited, the old adage “a place for everything and everything in its place” is the watchword that you have to live by. If you can’t keep a big place tidy, you have no chance of keeping a little place tidy. And if you can’t keep a little place tidy, you will never be able to find anything. And will end up drowning in an Sea of Stuff.

Are You A Hoarder?

If you still have every Christmas card you were ever sent, every paperback you ever read, and every dried up corsage that was ever pinned to your bosom, chances are that you are going to pine in that Tiny House. Although Tiny Houses are flexible in their design, and of course allow for human needs like books and mementos, they are definitely not ideal for people who can’t bear to part with a single possession, no matter how old and cruddy it might be. The exception to this is teddy bears. There is always room for a teddy bear.

Do You Like To Keep Up With The Joneses?

Although having a Tiny House is the ultimate in chic right now, how will you feel when your peers are enjoying more and more possessions, while you only have room for a toaster. Will you really be able to stand it when your best friend gets an Irish Wolfhound. And you only have room for a small Chihuahua? When your bestie has an Imelda Marcos closet full of shoes, will you be able to support have just three pairs?

Do You Love To Have People To Stay?

It goes without saying that if you want to have people to stay, there is not going to be a spare room. It’s the shed or the nearest motel – or maybe a tent in the yard – if you want to have people spend an overnight at or near your home. Of course, this is one of the great benefits of Tiny Homes in many people’s eyes.

Are You A Sociable Animal?


If you love entertaining, the Tiny House is not ideal. Of course, you may have located your Tiny House in idyllic surroundings, making outdoor entertainment easy and pleasant. (In fact, during the milder months, many Tiny House owners spend a lot of time outdoors.) You can however kiss goodbye to wild indoor parties – you simply aren’t going to have the room.

Are You A Technophile?

Tiny House living depends very heavily on technology. There is no room for books, filing cabinets, cd’s and DVDs, or even a TV. You are dependent on your electronic devices to deliver your knowledge and entertainment in a way that doesn’t quite apply in a normal sized home. So if you can’t work without a crowded desk and stacks of paper, you’re devoted to your record or DVD collection, or otherwise tied to bulky and cumbersome old technologies, then stick to a normal sized home – because you’re going to hate living tiny!