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Is Ellen ending her show? Well, there have been some rumors and stories flying around about the end of Ellen DeGeneres show. This is an American comedy TV that debuted on September 8, 2003. The first 5 seasons were recorded at NBC Studios. The following ones were taped at Warner Bros in high def. With 171 Daytime Emmy Award nominations, the show has won 61 of these awards. Other awards have been 4 for Outstanding Talk Show, 7 for Outstanding Talk Show Entertainment and 17 People’s Choice Awards.

So, are the reports about the Ellen show to end true? Read on Love is All Colors to find out more…

Is this the end of Ellen DeGeneres show

According to anonymous insiders and Ellen DeGeneres recent news at Telepictures, the infamous talk show host is ready to end her show. The main reason that was cited was a toxic work environment. One of the black female employees on the show said that she has had to deal with racist comments and microaggressions in the one and a half years that she has worked on the show. 11 other former employees also gave detail of shocking stories about the show’s toxic work environment.

This lady claimed that when she was hired, a senior level producer told her and a fellow black colleague: “Oh wow, you both have box braids; I hope we don’t get you confused.” Another one told her “, “I’m sorry, I only know the names of the white people who work here,” as her fellow employees laughed it off awkwardly.

So is Ellen ending her show?

The insider at Telepictures said that Ellen had been talking to executives at Telepictures and Warner Bros telling them that she is ready to put the mic down and walk away from her comedy show. The racism allegations and accounts have created a bad reputation for her personal brand. So Ellen ending her show is just a way to recover her personal brand.

The source also felt that since it is her show, Ellen must have been aware of what has been going on under her nose because, for one, it is her show. So much as the execs are being blamed, most people feel like the buck needed to stop with her, that she is the one to black for the microaggressions and racism happening in her own show.

Low ratings…

As per Ellen DeGeneres recent news, even after ousting 3 of the senior-level execs of the show over the toxic workplace environment and culture, the ratings of the show have gone low. Could the low ratings be the reason for Ellen ending her show? Well her show is not the only one whose ratings have gone down. Even “Dr. Oz”, “The Real” and “The Doctors” have had about and above 20% drop.

Well, maybe the other shows are getting bad ratings because of the Coronavirus pandemic. When the world was turned upside down by this pandemic, in March Ellen had announced on Twitter that she would be recording the show without an audience because she cared about the safety of her fans, crew, and staff. 2 days later she announced a suspension of the show to March 30, 2020.

That said though, after the racism reports, she began talking about abandoning the show, and ever since people started wondering: is the Ellen DeGeneres show over? First off, some people feel like her apology was not sincere. They feel that she is the one who enabled this toxic culture and made it last this long saying that she is pretending to be shocked about hearing the accusations. Apparently, she is not a nice person and the show isn’t filled with the much happiness that is usually portrayed.

Is Ellen ending her show? Are the rumors true? She allegedly hates going to work. Is this why she wants the Ellen show to end?

Is Ellen show ending? What producers had to say

Now we have been discussing the rumors that Ellen wanted to end the show. Well, sources close to Ellen have denied these allegations saying she has no plans whatsoever of ending the show. Apparently, these were just rumors.

First off it started with the rumor that the show is being canceled because Ellen is rude to her staff and because of the falling ratings. Telepictures however confirmed that all this was untrue.

What is the fate of the show?

I know you are still wondering, is Ellen ending her show? Well, apparently investigations are going on. So the answer to is Ellen show ending largely depends on the findings. The show is currently under internal investigations into what some employees alleged that the show had a toxic work environment. Besides them citing bullying and racism as the reason for the toxic environment, the employees also cited sexual misconduct.

Warner media is now conducting internal investigations. The initial findings were unfortunately disappointing as they found some deficiencies relating to the management of the show. One thing for sure is that people are wondering whether Warner Bros might pull out solely because of public outrage. Well, it is really not clear at the moment.

One thing for sure is that the show might never recover from these allegations of racial and sexual injustices. It will be challenging. Well, if she admits to having ignored these things as opposed to pretending not to have known, maybe people might give her a second chance.

It will be such a pity for a show with a big brand like Ellen DeGeneres to just come to an end after a whole 17 years. But then again, as I have just said, it’s a big brand with such a massive hit. So there is a chance that it can bounce back. So because of the goodwill, she has built with her fans in terms of entertainment and all, maybe they will find it in their hearts to forgive her.

One thing that people like when celebrities are faced with some misconduct allegations is sincerity and accountability. So if Ellen takes responsibility for having ignored these things that were happening in her own show, under her own nose, maybe she will recover.

People feel that she should address all these things in an episode of her show. But considering the show is in her name, people really expect her to take responsibility for the well being of her employees.

Is Ellen DeGeneres show over? Well, one of the things we have seen is that the allegations are against her senior-level producers. There is nothing that is directly pointing at her. So the fate of the show will largely depend on the findings and how active she might have been in the running of the show. At this point, it shows that she is not a culprit.

The other thing we need to remember is that Ellen has a new contract that is meant to run until 2022. So she might not want to end this based on some allegations. She will most likely fight and make sure that her career and the brand moving on, recovers from these allegations and rebuild a better work environment.

The thing is, she has had the backing of lots of celebrities… recently, Steve Harvey came to her defense calling her the “coolest and the kindest people” in the entertainment business. Ellen has also taken it upon herself to apologize to her staff and has even ousted 3 of her senior producers.

One thing we have to admit is, much as maybe she should have acted sooner in case she knew this was happening, she really had no control over what the staff members were up to. She is definitely taking the hit because it is her name on the show. She is the easiest person to pin all this on her.

So is Ellen ending her show? We have seen above that that is not her intention. Well, she has always been entertaining. It will be sad if this long era comes to an end over something she didn’t do.

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