Are we evolving as cultures and races mix? According to researchers, YES! Mixing races has a role in our evolution.

According to a study carried out, human beings of today are more intelligent and taller than their predecessors. This has been associated with the rise in genetically diverse individuals. And get this: Individuals born to parents from different ethnicities generally have higher levels of education.

This particular study analyzed genetic information from more than 100 studies conducted previously around the world. The studies were a compilation of genetic details on more than 350,000 individuals; from both rural and urban settings.

The researchers from University of Edinburgh found that greater genetic diversity was associated with tallness, better cognitive skills and higher levels of education in the individuals. However, diversity wasn’t linked to things like cholesterol levels or high blood pressure. Evolution seems to be favoring people with height and brains.

Dr Jim Wilson of the University of Edinburgh said: “This study highlights the power of large-scale genetic analyses to uncover fundamental information about our evolutionary history.” Dr Peter Joshi added that it answers Dawin’s questions on the benefits of genetic diversity.

The more reason to mix it up right? I mean who wouldn’t want to make a contribution to a taller and smarter generation?