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Hot new couple alert!

After setting tongues wagging at New York Fashion Week a few weeks ago, Nicki Minaj and Lewis Hamilton may have just confirmed their romance to the world.

The rapper and Formula One driver were both very touchy-feely during a Tommy Hilfiger party during New York Fashion Week, although there were no obvious public displays of affection to warrant us getting excited about a potential romance.

Since then, however, they have publically liked each other’s pictures on Instagram – the ultimate sign of commitment in this modern age, we think you’ll agree – which is another big hint that something might be going on between them.

However, all of those incidents don’t even scratch the surface compared to this next bit of evidence…

Nicki Minaj posted a very steamy picture on Instagram of the two of them riding around the desert in Dubai together, with the caption:

“Caribbean tingz what I on. Me & Lewis gettin paper like what ink dry on.”

Definitely not the kind of picture you take with someone you aren’t dating that’s for sure!

We’re excited about this [practically confirmed] new romance. And from most of the Instagram comments, it looks like the public are pretty excited about it too.

Do you think Nicki Minaj and Lewis Hamilton make a good couple?