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As expected, Coachella was full of short shorts, fringe bralets, and exceptional music.

But one of the most unexpected and best things to come out of the entire Coachella weekend was a talk by The Good Place’s Jameela Jamil.  And it’s something the whole world needed to hear…

Jameela Jamil gave an inspiring talk at the Create & Cultivate’s Desert Pop-Up in Palm Springs during the Coachella festival, and recalled a particularly horrifying moment in her life which involved being told she was “too old, too fat, and too ethnic for Hollywood”. Naturally, this was before she landed her dream role in The Good Place

“I was told I was too old, too fat, and too ethnic for Hollywood, but I’m here today. Don’t listen to people who project their fears on you,” she began, in her bid to encourage women to reach for the stars and go for every opportunity they want in life.

“The next generation is f**king done being excluded and looking up to a white straight thin version of what we are supposed to be. We’re done with the dinosaurs… and I’m here to kill the last of them.”

The British actress/activist didn’t hold back when it came to body shaming during the talk, either. (She has previously called out the Kardashians for endorsing weight loss products!)

She encouraged all of her female fans to invest time in themselves, and focus inwards as opposed to outwards. In other words, she wants us to spend less time and money on beauty products, and more time and money on beneficial things such as therapy (if needed) and education…

“Build yourself up from the inside. Go to therapy! Spend all the money you’d spend on bullshit face creams on saving yourself first. You are the most important person in every way,” she concluded.

Who agrees?