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One person who doesn’t seem to care about being one step ahead of technology and having the very latest handset is Justin Bieber, as according to the Yummy singer himself, he doesn’t even have a mobile phone. Seriously!

The 27-year-old musician said there’s a very good and very simple reason behind his decision to not have a cell phone anymore – and it just comes down to him wanting to limit who can contact him…

“I definitely learned how to have boundaries, and I just don’t feel like I owe anybody anything,” Justin said as part of his cover interview for Billboard, before adding that any important conversations can still be had via his iPad.

“That has helped me to be able to just say no and just be firm in it and know that my heart wants to help people, but I can’t do everything.

“I want to sometimes, but it’s just not sustainable.”

We guess that makes sense. The Billboard feature also references how Justin Bieber lives a very structured yet balanced life now, where routine is very important…

According to the publication, he now “rises by eight and checks in with his management to learn what has happened for Justin Bieber the pop star while Justin Bieber the husband was offline.”

The article noted that he then clocks off at 6 pm to spend time with his wife, Hailey Baldwin, for who he had nothing but praise…

“One thing that has been so helpful is my wife is so by the book,” he added.

“She’s so structured and routine and so responsible.”

Looks like his new routine is working wonders for him, as he has been busy recording his brand new album. We’re very interested to hear what he has been working on, as he said it’s the first time he can remember being so excited to release music…

“I think this is the first time in my life where I’ve actually enjoyed the process of releasing an album,” he confessed.

Justice, which will be his sixth studio album, is out on March 19. We can’t wait!