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Kanye West is the latest celeb to talk openly about mental health, as he has discussed his battle with bi-polar disorder on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

We love how everyone is able to talk freely about mental health in 2018. There’s still a long way to go, but it’s certainly a good start!

“I think it’s important for us to have open conversations about mental health—especially with me being black,” he told Jimmy.

“Because we never had therapists in the black community.

“We never approached taking a medication. I think it’s good that when I had my first complete blackout at age 5, my mom didn’t fully medicate me.

“Because I might have never been ‘Ye. And there’s times where at least I’m happy that I know I’m bipolar. Like even like for this interview, I knew I wanted to stay in a calm state.

“People need to be able to express themselves without fear or judgement.”

Ain’t that the truth!

The rapper also told the talk show host all about his hospitalisation, his political stance, and as always, those controversial Tweets.

He told Jimmy that his Tweets weren’t about politics, but instead, represented overcoming fear and doing what you felt, no matter what anyone said.

“If I’m afraid to be me, I’m no longer ‘Ye,” he continued.

“That’s what makes ‘Ye.”

Watch the full interview in the video below.