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A few days ago, we learnt the heart-breaking news that Kathy Griffin was diagnosed with lung cancer.

The 60-year-old US comedian broke the news to her fans via social media, just as she was about to have surgery on her left lung.

But it looks like things are going in the right direction for the Suddenly Susan star, as it’s been revealed that “everything went well” with the surgery, and doctors are very “optimistic” that she will make a full recovery.

According to reports, the Emmy-winner had half of her left lung removed, and doctors are optimistic that she won’t have to undergo chemotherapy once she recovers from the surgery.

She also confirmed that the cancer hadn’t spread further than her left lung, and reassured her fans that she “should be up and running around as usual in a month or less.”

“Yes, I have lung cancer even though I’ve never smoked!” she wrote on Twitter when she first went public with her diagnosis.

“The doctors are very optimistic as it is stage one and contained to my left lung.

“Hopefully no chemo or radiation after this and I should have normal function with my breathing.”

Kathy Griffin seems to be recovering well following the surgery, with one of her representatives revealing that everything “went well and as planned.”

“Kathy is now in recovery now and resting,” the rep added, according to USA Today.

“Doctors say the procedure was normal without any surprises.”

Kathy Griffin ended her original social media message by telling fans that she is extremely grateful to have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 – and her situation could have been a lot more sinister if she wasn’t…

“Of course I am fully vaccinated for Covid. The consequences for being unvaccinated would have been even more serious,” she concluded, before urging fans to stay on top of their medical appointments and to take their health seriously…

“Please stay up to date on your medical check ups. It’ll save your life.”

As expected, Kathy Griffin received a huge amount of support from friends, fans, A-listers, and LGBTQ organizations (which she has been a long-time supporter of) alike…

“A major, scary ordeal but they will remove it and you will be just fine. In the meantime i will keep you in my prayers dear Kathy,” Mia Farrow wrote.

“My heart is with you, friend. This is tough but you are tougher. All my support and love are with you @kathygriffin,” Amber Heard added.

“Sending you love and support,” GLAAD commented.

“Love you so much!!! I’m here if you need anything. Don’t hesitate,” TV personality Ross Mathews wrote.

We wish Kathy Griffin a speedy recovery, and can’t wait to see her doing what she does best in the not-so-distant future.