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Kendall Jenner has increased her security even further after an unnamed man was recently arrested for trespassing near her LA home.

The 25-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is now upping the security to her property and has hired even more armed security guards to protect her at all times.

Earlier this week, she filed for a civil harassment restraining order against the alleged trespasser, who was also, according to TMZ, accused of knocking on windows while shouting her name, and also getting naked in an attempt to jump in her pool.

As expected, the Kardashians are taking this “scary” and “unsettling” incident very seriously…

“Kendall has ramped up security and has a huge team on the property and with her,” a source close to the model told E! News.

“They are all feeling like they need a big security presence at all times and that they can’t have something like this happen again. It’s been very scary and unsettling for all of them.”

According to Page Six, the alleged trespasser was detained by her security guards until the police arrived. He was allegedly released from jail after just six hours due to COVID-19 rules, so we’re not surprised to hear that Kendall is doing everything she can to feel safe.

And that’s not all that Kendall has to deal with!

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, an LAPD detective reportedly informed Kendall about a 24-year-old man’s plan to travel across the country and buy an illegal firearm to shoot her with, right before killing himself.

The court documents reportedly state that he is currently being held in a psychiatric ward, while a judge is said to have granted a temporary restraining order.

Like we said earlier, Kendall’s worry about her safety is definitely justified!

We hope that her security team will do everything they can to protect her!