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Kim Kardashian took home the CFDA Fashion Influencer Award last night – the first of its kind – but not everyone was thrilled for the mother of three’s accolade.

Although the Council of Fashion Designers of America deemed Kim Kardashian a huge fashion influencer, many social media users questioned the award, and even suggested that it should have gone to a far more deserving recipient.

New Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, was understandably one of the names thrown into the mix, as were the likes of Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez!

Here are just some of the disgruntled Tweets:


How is it that you have snubbed @jlo and the influence she’s had in fashion? I mean she helped create Google Images with her Iconic Versace dress that literally broke the internet!! This is an insult through & through.


I can’t believe we live in a society where the CFDA made an award specifically for Kim Kardashian…


Why does she deserve this award so let’s just award all women who post nudes on however many sites she can I’m sick of seeing her fake ass implants reward that


I have very mixed feelings about Kim Kardashian receiving an award at the CFDA awards tomorrow night. Personally, I don’t feel that she’s brought anything positive to the industry or to the world’s perception of American Fashion. But as an influencer, she’s clearly the epitome…

Of course, Twitter was also filled with praise for Kim Kardashian…


Congratulations, @KimKardashian – you have earned the first ever influencer award, and your influence will only continue to grow. We love you.


@KimKardashian winning the CFDA influencer award is well deserved. She sets trends and her outfits are always on point. When was the last time she had a bad outfit? Don’t remember

Do you think Kim K deserved the award, or should it have gone to someone else?