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No wonder Keeping up with the Kardashians received the People’s Choice Award a few weeks ago! It’s full of gems like this one…

On the latest episode of KUWTK, Kim Kardashian let some pretty big secrets out the bag – the most shocking of which was that she was “high” when she made her infamous sex tape.

“I’ve heard some stuff,” Scott Disick said while reminiscing about the good old days with Kim and Kendall Jenner.

“You went to like Disney and you were all high or something,” Scott said, hoping to get some more info out of her.

“I got married on ecstasy,” Kim admitted, referring to her very first marriage to music producer Damon Thomas.

“I did ecstasy once and I got married, I did it again and I made a sex tape. Like everything bad would happen.”

We know we aren’t the only ones shocked by that revelation, as Scott almost had to make sure he wasn’t hearing things…

“You were high on ecstasy when you did the sex tape?!” he asked in disbelief.

“Absolutely! Everyone knows it, like my jaw was shaking the whole time,” Kim concluded.


To make sure that her reputation remains intact, and to show that she isn’t a bad influence, Kim cleared up that she has put her “wild” days behind her, and is now focusing on calm, family life…

“I definitely went through a wild phase I would say in like my late teens. I’m not like that anymore.”

Well, we definitely didn’t see this confession coming. We wonder what other juicy secrets the show will uncover…