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Another day, another lawsuit for the Kardashians; only this time, they aren’t on the receiving end…

Kim Kardashian has reportedly sued a photo editing app for an eye-watering $10 Million, for using one of her pictures without her permission.

According to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Kim Kardashian is suing iHandy Ltd – the makers of the Sweet Camera photo editing app – for using her picture to promote its products.

The app allows users to virtually apply make-up to their pictures.

The picture in question was a bathroom selfie which Kim posted on Instagram back in October 2017, to promote her KKW Beauty brand.

The lawsuit claims that iHandy “copied, cropped, manipulated and exploited” Kim’s original picture to advertise the Sweet Cam app.

The 38-year-old star – who let’s not forget is also training to be a lawyer – is asking for $10 million in damages, which is said to cover image copyright licensing, as well as any profits the company made from directly using her photo without her permission.

She is also demanding to know exactly how much profit the company made from using her picture, and wants to be reimbursed. Additionally, the lawsuit states that the app should never be allowed to use her name or her pictures again.

iHandy’s defense lawyers are pleading ignorance, claiming that the company unintentionally and unknowingly stole the picture, as they didn’t realize who the person in the photo was…

“Defendant claim, absurdly, as its alleged defense … that they didn’t know that the unlicensed, unauthorized photo they knowingly stole and misappropriated was that of [Kim Kardashian West] … one of the most famous and recognizable women in the world,” the lawsuit states.

The report also suggested that iHandy made threats to Kim Kardashian…

The lawsuit states that iHandy “even had the audacity to threaten [Kim Kardashian West] not to bring claims against them for their blatant infringement, or they would go after her.”


Earlier this year, Kim successfully sued Missguided for $2.7 Million, as the fast-fashion retailer used her likeness to promote its range of dresses that were knockoffs of outfits she had previously worn.

A court date hasn’t been announced yet, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more.