Since nearly the whole of the world went into lockdown and quarantine mode, coronavirus travel has plummetted. The international travel industry is the one that has been hard hit. The capacity of aircraft has taken a dive by as high as 73%. This has really affected international trade as well as the countries that heavily rely on international tourism. A considerable number of airlines have had to ground most of their aircraft. A lot of counties have put travel bans because of corona.

So how are countries making the most of this situation? Take a look at how people are coping and the holiday options to consider below…

Covid 19 holiday options

If you are wondering how to travel during 2020, one thing that most travelers have had to forfeit is globetrotting. If you are one who loved hopping from country to country in 2019, this year, things have definitely not been the same. I know you have probably been dreaming of taking a break and running away from this corona pandemic. We all know how tempting the forbidden can be. I am sure even those who rarely travel or are used to the introvert life, now more than ever, wish they could do this freely.

So what are we left with?

One thing that most people are opting for in places where the coronavirus travel restrictions are still in place is settling for holidays at home. Much as most countries partially locked down local travel, many have now eased local travel and are putting in place public health measures to ensure that they are containing the spread of the virus on a national level as they also give people some freedom to at least enjoy some local tourism. With international tourism having taken such a large hit, in order to try and sustain their economies, countries are now resorting to local travels. Holidaying in your own country is a safer option right now.

Traveling closer to home

Domestic tourism has become the next best thing. Such popular destinations like Berlin, Barcelona, and even Florence, which were some of the most favored are some of the spots being avoided by many international travelers. Demand has become higher domestically. Based on how the counties are fairing in terms of the number of new infections and deaths, those with lower numbers have been gradually easing their lockdown restrictions. With countries like America and Italy where the pandemic has hit hard, foreigners are less interested in visiting these places. This is expected to be the case for months and months to come. 

Are people rushing to overseas holiday destinations?

Whether we like it or not, so long as the pandemic is with us, life will not go back to normal. But in places where governments have managed to keep things in control, some normally is returning, That said though, people would rather have their holidays at home as opposed to overseas destinations.

The thing is, much as some countries have eased travel bans because of corona, people are still skeptical about traveling overseas. There are countries where the numbers of infected people are high. So it makes so much sense that after international travel bans have been lifted, people are still scared of holidaying abroad. No one wants their first holiday after the restrictions have been lifted to be overseas.

The thing is, we cannot predict what the future holds or how all this is going to play out over the next few months.

Covid 19 has changed the way we travel

Changes are there. From the sanitizing to masks and lockdowns. There is a lot of transformation in the travel industry. In some places, traveling has come to a standstill. As much as countries are beginning to emerge from the lockdown, we are all looking at a new normal. Even if we were cooped up in the confines of our homes, people are dreaming about the beaches and holiday excursions.

The thing, with the new normal, coronavirus travel has to adhere to public health recommendations. Plus, we have to admit that it has come with its own challenges.

Traveling in uncertainty

Much as Covid-19 pandemic has hit we cannot compare the situation to where we were sometimes in March 2020. There is some form of stabilization and recovery within the travel sector. What is more encouraging is that the covid 19 holiday options that people prefer are local travel options.

That said though, most people who are wondering how to travel during 2020 still have a genuine fear of getting infected. The main concern of the younger travelers who live home with their older parents and grandparents is the fear of infecting them as the older generation are more at risk.

Today, this genuine fear of infection is what is shaping how people are traveling in these uncertain times.

Key trends of coping with covid-19 travel

One of the things that we are seeing actively is how cautious and religious most people are about adhering to the health guidelines. Most partners within the travel and hospitality industry are working hand in hand to ensure that they are providing safe travel environments.

People now prefer to travel in smaller groups, especially with people that they are comfortable hanging around with. For instance, with coronavirus travel, people would rather go on holiday with the family and good friends that they know are staying safe.

Holidaying in your own country is the other trend. There is a lot of demand for domestic travel. The travel and tourism industry is going local.

We have adapted to the new normal

There is a range of protocols that have been put in place to cover the new normal. All travel providers are doing the best they can to adhere to these protocols. There is the cleaning and sanitization, the masks, thermal and infrared scanners, social distancing, and reduced touchpoints.

Much as things may not be as they used to be, we are still optimistic. The desire and dreams for travel are still strong within the hearts of those who love to travel.

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