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Meghan Markle’s closest friends have broken their silence, as they are keen to put an end to the negative press she is receiving.

Some of her friends said to be from her inner circle, have rather sensationally given an interview to People magazine in defense of the new royal, although they have chosen to remain anonymous throughout.

“Meg has silently sat back and endured the lies and untruths,” one of her former co-stars told People.

“We worry about what this is doing to her and the baby. It’s wrong to put anyone under this level of emotional trauma, let alone when they’re pregnant.”

The media backlash comes after months of allegations that Meghan and sister-in-law Kate Middleton aren’t getting along, as well as allegations that she is “rude” to staff and generally “difficult”.

The constant press attention surrounding her father, and estranged half-brother Thomas Jr and half-sister Samantha Grant also haven’t helped…

“They have been made to appear as siblings who had this falling out, and that’s not the truth at all,” an anonymous friend told the publication.

“They were not a part of her life.”

And as for those rumors of Meghan being rude and inhospitable, her friends are not here for them…

“We’ve all been to their cottage,” a close friend said in the interview.

“It’s small and she’s made it cozy, but the perception of their lifestyle and the reality are two different things. Meg cooks for herself and Harry every single day.”

Another one of her friends from LA also concurred…

“We had a couple of days together recently. Her husband was out of town on work,” she began.

“In the room she made up for me, there was a candle lit by the bed, slippers and a robe. We were the only two in the house. It was our time.

“She made the most lovely meals. She made tea every day. It was raining and muddy outside, so the dogs got all dirty, and she’s wiping them off with towels.

“How much she loves her animals, how much she loves her friends, how much she loves feeding you, taking care of you — none of that has changed.”

And finally, one of her former colleagues added that the Duchess of Sussex may have a new title and a handful of new responsibilities, but she is still the same caring friend she always was…

“If I’m thrown some kind of curveball, I always think, ‘I gotta talk to Meg,’ ” her former colleague told the magazine.

“We talk daily. And the first thing out of her mouth is, ‘How are the kids? How are you?’ I’m not even allowed to ask about her until she finds out about me.”

We’re so glad that her friends have taken the plunge and spoken out in defense of the Duchess. Let’s hope that the media scrutiny will finally be over!