Men love women for their looks. They want the perfect face, body, and hair. The media, TV, and Hollywood are all full of these perfectly looking women.

But what about the rest of us? If men really only like these good looking women, what chances do the rest of us have? Surely there’s got to be an option. But all the dating tips and advice out there make it so difficult to find what our options actually are. In fact, we can be left wondering if there is any use wasting time.

Is online dating the option?

Well, online dating is definitely an option. I know what you’re going to say, online dating is just for ugly people. And then those ugly people want someone attractive and funny.

Okay, so there is some truth in that. We all want someone who we’re attracted to. What we forget is that we also want someone who we can connect with. Online dating gives us this chance. We all get to know the person behind the computer before we see them in real life.

But doesn’t this involve some attraction first? After all, there’s the profile photo to think about and descriptions?

Well, yes, but there are ways around these factors. You can find out about interests and hobbies to make sure your personalities align first. Here are a few dating tips to make sure online dating will work for you.

Use a Flattering Photo

Don’t go searching for the prettiest girl online and use that photo. You’re instantly setting yourself up for rejection once you get to the meeting stage. After all, if you’ve lied about what you look like, what else have you lied about?

That doesn’t mean you have to pick the first photo you find that your friends have posted on social media. Get a friend to take a flattering photo of you. You could even have professional photos created to help you improve your look.

Take a look on the site for ideas of profile pictures. Some people have taken to using caricatures or photos of their pets. Just make sure the photo you use has some resemblance to you or who you are as a person.

Fill Out the Hobbies, Interest, and Profile Fully

You don’t need to give your weight, the last time you went to the hairdressers, or any physical deformities that you have. But do try to fill out your profile in a way that flatters you and gives people a good idea of who you are. Think of this as a way to market yourself to prospective partners.

Work around the details in a positive way. You know how estate agents will describe a small house as cosy? Well, find a way to describe your body shape or your personality like that.

Take a look at a few profiles to see what they say. How do they lay everything out to encourage people to chat with them?

Some of the best ways is through interests and hobbies. Share what you love to do and who you love to spend time with. It’s time to get your loving personality across that attracts people to you for the long term. This is the part that really encourages people to get in touch and learn more about you.

When online dating, you want to connect through shared interests. It definitely takes the pressure off of the looks.

Remember Emotions Don’t Come Through Text

When people speak face-to-face, there is body language and tone of voice to gage the meaning of the text. When you speak over a messaging system, they are lost and all you get is the text. It’s really easy to misinterpret something.

One of the best tips when using online dating sites is to reply to messages quickly but when you have the time to read back through the message. Look at how the wording flows and how a message can be taken. If there’s the chance it can be taken the wrong way, make a few changes.

Emojis and emoticons are widely used to help get the true meanings across, but not everyone likes them. If you do use them, don’t overuse them. You want to discuss through text and not look like a 14-year-old girl whose messaging friends for the first time!

There is hope for the rest of us. Dating is a minefield, but one that we can get through by following tips and advice from others. Online dating is open to us and it’s time to take advantage