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Huge congratulations to Mindy Kaling, as the actress and producer has recently given birth to her second baby!

And don’t worry; you didn’t miss the news that she was pregnant, as she kept her bump extremely well-hidden…

Just like Jessica Biel, who gave birth to her second son with husband Justin Timberlake earlier this year, Mindy Kaling managed to keep the news of her pregnancy a complete secret – which isn’t actually that hard to do given the current pandemic.

The 41-year-old The Mindy Project star broke the news during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, revealing that she had given birth to a son last month…

“I’m telling this for the first time, it feels so strange. I gave birth to a baby boy on September 3,” she told host Stephen Colbert.

“This is news to a lot of people. It’s true!

“His name is Spencer. I forgot the most important part of it.”

She is already a proud mom to a daughter named Katherine “Kit” Kaling, who she welcomed back in December 2017.

So how did she manage to keep her pregnancy a secret the whole time?

“Keeping it private was easier this time because of quarantine. All of her work was done through Zoom,” a source reportedly told E! News.

“She had originally planned to reveal the pregnancy at the Met Gala, but that obviously didn’t happen.

“Because she was in the early months of pregnancy when she went to the Oscars, nobody knew or could tell.”

And apparently, according to the source, Mindy wasn’t too worried about eagle-eyed fans detecting signs of a bump on social media, as she simply relied on a few cleverly angled photos to not give the game away. No editing necessary…

“Mindy actually hasn’t been editing herself or her belly in any of her photos,” the source added.

“She carried out instead of wide, and she was careful to shoot from specific angles, so you couldn’t tell she was pregnant from the pictures of her on social.

“If you looked at her straight on, you couldn’t tell she was pregnant.”

Very clever!

Congratulations again, Mindy Kaling!