Are there people who can swear upon the intermittent fasting results 1 month in? I tried the diet myself. Just like all the other diets that I had tried, in the days leading up to beginning this diet I was a bit skeptical and terrified that I would not be able to follow through with the diet. But after bracing myself, I dived in and the results were amazing. I chose the 5:2 intermittent fasting since to me, it seemed more realistic in terms of following through.

Well, in this article, I will talk a little about the diet and I will also share my own experience with the diet. Scroll on and find out how I managed to hack the fasting and the results I got in just one month.

Intermittent fasting and what to drink when fasting

Before I share my experience with this way of eating lifestyle change, here is a little intermittent fasting 101.

Intermittent fasting is the new diet sensation. Its a way of eating that incorporates regular fasting. It has become very trendy in recent years. People have sworn that it causes rapid weight loss, improves one’s metabolism and even lengthen one’s lifespan.

The reasoning behind intermittent fasting is that it simply allows one’s body to use its stored energy. So basically it burns off excess body fat. So its common sense. If you don’t eat your body will utilize its own fat in order to generate energy.

There are several ways to go about intermittent fasting. All methods have worked for various individuals. All you need to do is to just figure out the one that works best for you. Well, as I mentioned earlier, I chose the 5:2 diet.

The 5:2 diet is a diet where one eats normally for 5 days a week and then there are dietary restrictions the other 2 days of the week. So the fasting doesn’t really mean going the whole day without food. All it means is that on the 2 ‘fast’ days, the dieter is restricted to  500–600 calories per day. So I found this diet to be more about a general lifestyle change kind of diet.

Well, let me begin sharing my journey and my intermittent fasting results 1 month later…

My journey…

My journey began because I didn’t admire how I looked. Plus, all that weight that I was carrying was exhausting. The difficulty in breathing made me realize that I really had to do something about my weight if I were to make it to 40. And my weight was really wearing down on my self-esteem. And I made lots of weight loss mistakes.

When I decided to go the 5:2 diet way, I figured it would be a bit easier pattern to stick with. Much as there is the ‘fasting’ bit, it really isn’t a fast where you go without food. Just a 2-day calorie restriction. This really impressed me. And I found tonnes of people who elaborated about things to do while fasting and their experiences and how they managed to succeed.

Going about the intermittent fasting

One thing I loved about this diet is that there are no fixed diet meals. I got to eat my normal meals on the 5 normal days. But what I did was, I reduced my portion sizes. Plus, it got easier once I got used to the restricted calories during the 2 fast days. Plus, there are no 2 set days for the fast. So long as you just do 2 fast days a week. I chose Mondays and Thursdays. And I loved the fact that on the fast days, I still got to eat a little. All I made sure was not to overcompensate on the normal eating days.

Here are some of the questions that I had about intermittent fasting:

What breaks a fast intermittent fasting? How many calories kick you out of fasting? Well, in this case of the 5:2 diet, any additional calories above the 500–600 calories per day will definitely break a fast.

Will black coffee break a fast? Wondering what to drink when fasting? I love my coffee. So one question I had was: Will black coffee break a fast? There have been lots of discussions about fasting and coffee. Well, if you are a coffee lover like me, I will have you know that fasting and coffee is allowed. Tea should be fine too. Coffee and tea have minimal calories.  My advice is to stick to the required total calory intake recommended on the fast days. Drink plenty of water and replace the sweet drinks by doing the green tea intermittent fasting or other herbal teas.

Does water break a fast? Does fasting mean no water? No. If coffee is fine, so should water. You need to stay hydrated while fasting.

 Who should avoid the diet? People with a history of eating disorders,  issues of drops in blood sugar levels, pregnant and nursing mothers, children and teenagers, people with type 1 diabetes, underweight or malnourished individuals and women with fertility issues or those trying to get pregnant.

Foods to eat on fasting days

I loved the fact that there were no strict rules about what or when to eat during the two fasting days. First off, I never skipped breakfast. So I decided to spread the 600 calories throughout the day. And it all began with a small breakfast. I switched to foods that were high in fiber and protein. Those made me ger full faster and found that I got hungrier lesser. I mostly did soups on the fasting days.

The thing with this diet is that you don’t have to be drastic about it. In order to make it, just watch what you eat and keep lowering the calory intake gradually till the time when you can handle the 500 to 600 calories. Begin with a simple reduction of about 10 or 20 calories a day. Believe me, small gradual reductions are easier to maintain.

The results after 1 month

My initial aim of getting on the diet was to lose weight and boost my self-esteem. I was also worried about my health. My intermittent fasting results 1 month in were very encouraging. I lost a total of 3kgs. Finally, something that works. At the same time, it was a complete lifestyle change for me.

That said, I started feeling better generally. My mental focus also improved and I stopped focusing on food and shifted my focus to more productive tasks of the day. I felt great and was no longer struggling to catch my breath after a flight of stairs. And one thing that made me soldier on is that the eating plan didn’t have the kind of pressure that some fad diets have. I just eased into it. And much as I had only lost 3kgs, it was great progress for me.

I noticed a reduction in belly fat because I was not overcompensating by eating more during my normal eating days.

The thing is, this diet is sustainable. And it doesn’t have to be forever. You can stop fasting once you achieve your desired weight or reduce it to a once a week fast.

How I got the intermittent fasting results 1 month later…

I found the polite fasting to be a very realistic way of reducing calories. In 2 weeks I was already used to the routine. The 5:2 diet results really amazed me. Finally, I had found a diet where I was in control of what I was eating.

The thing I realized is that coffee and the green tea intermittent fasting made it easier for me to stick to my fast because caffeine suppresses my appetite. So it really assisted me to stick to the recommended calory intake. But if taking black coffee isn’t helping with your results, just drop it.

It wasn’t easy initially. Starting, I would feel quite hungry and a bit weak. But I had decided to change my eating habits. I had my eyes set on a general lifestyle change. Sometimes it is all just a mental game. After a while, I realized the difference between thinking that I was hungry and actually being hungry. And that’s when the hunger pangs started fading. Plus, I made sure that my breakfast was packed with proteins and fiber. And once I got used to the fasting days, it also helped me cut down on the calory intake during normal eating days.

The trick is to spread the calories and have a small healthy snack in case you start feeling weak. However, if you after several days you still feel unwell, consult your doctor for advice so that you know whether you should continue or get off it. The thing is, dieting isn’t recommended for everyone. If it is affecting your health, just stop. But if you can do it, soldier on because the results are worth it, even healthwise.

The thing is, the diet isn’t complicated. Just a 2-days calorie reduction. And you can spread the days. The two fast days don’t mean that they have to be consecutive days. Like every lifestyle change its hard at first. But if you are determined to make the change, eventually, you get used to it. The beauty of it is that there no constant calory deprivation with this diet.

Why other diets never worked before

The thing is, extreme dieting never worked for me before. Most diets I got on were starvation diets. They just didn’t work for me because for one, you need those calories, the vitamins, and the necessary minerals to keep your body going. So extreme dieting was impossible from the willpower perspective and also the fact that they drained me physically and exhausted me mentally.

This one worked and I have been able to maintain it. I no longer binge on cakes and chocolate. I am loving both the weight loss benefits, the impressive health benefits as well as the self-esteem boost because I am really loving the general transformation. When done right, the 5:2 intermittent fasting is a very effective diet. I

Does fasting mean no water? Believe me, that water is what will assist you stick to the calory restrictions. If there is one thing I did right, it is getting on the 5:2 diet.

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