Gone are the days when black ladies were ridiculed for their natural hair styles; the days when it was either too difficult to style or it lacked length! Curly natural hair has become the new sexy It’s a trend that seems to be on the rise with every passing day among black women all over the world. With the harsh treatment some relaxers give, it is no surprise to see that a lot of ladies are going all natural.

Read on to find out which of the highlighted natural hair styles is best suited for you.

Natural hairstyles best suited for your hair type and length

During the course of this discussion, we will be exploring styles that can be used for hairs of different length for the “naturalists” in the house. While care and styling of black natural hairstyles can be a bit of a challenge, it is important that you find easy and convenient new natural hairstyles that will complement the stylish “you” and protect your all natural hair.

Here are some you can consider

The twist-outs

twist-outs hairstyle

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This is being rocked by celebrities like Solange Knowles, Tracee Ellis Ross among others, even on the red carpet! The style is suitable for both long and short hair, is easy to maintain, helps protect your edges and gives you long-lasting curls that are sure to turn heads your way. Of course, there are many variations to the twist-out style. Find one that works best for your hair and one that best suits the shape of your face.

Bantu knot updo (@ronesiabarrshair)

Originating from Southern Africa, the Bantu knots hairstyle celebrates African tradition in all its glory. While it is a great natural hairstyle to rock if you are big on culture, it also protects the hair and prevents breakage. You can give your Bantu knots a personal twist by parting it in different shapes. You can decide to unravel the knots and rock the full bouncy curls that are sure to spring out. Hey, go for whatever rocks your fancy!

Twisted pompadour and bun

What’s not to love about this hairstyle? It is protective, easy to create and suitable for all occasions. Rather than the simple bun you are used to, take things up a notch by parting a circular or rectangular section on the top of your head. Be flexible and part the hair in a way that best compliments your face. Twist the section parted to a side of your hair and feed it with the rest of your hair, turning it into a bun (or doughnut!)

Braided or Twisted Updos

natural hair

Who says you cannot be classy while rocking your natural hair? People often go for simple styles. However, you can explore the various possibilities that updos can offer your natural curly hair (whether it is short or long). You can also tie a scarf around your hair (as shown above) for a different look. With many variations like one-sided braid and double-sided braid, you can create a sleek updo and add little waves! When the twists or braids are taken out, they can give your hair beautiful bouncy curls. We love this one because it’s one of the best natural hairstyles for medium length hair.

Natural locs

This is one of the best, quick and easy natural hair styles among naturalists. There is a certain appeal that comes with this hairstyle that is perfect for different occasions. You can add a little color (if you desire) to give you a bolder look. This is the style that protects your hair from damage and makes you classy, which is a win-win for me.


You can never go wrong with the good ol’ fro. The cool thing about a fro is its simplicity and the versatility it gives your hair. It can be done when you start growing out your natural tresses and can be easily maintained. Also, you can curl your long tresses to give you fuller locks. Fros give your hair ample room to breathe.

Braided Faux hawk with extensions

Take your cornrow game to the next level by adding extensions. Unlike the average faux hawk style that demands an endless supply of pins and smoothing brush, the braided version lasts longer and can be styled for different occasions. The braids help to protect your edges while the extensions (which could be curly or straight) help transform the look from ordinary to extraordinary. You can add unique styles to your cornrows on the side for a much better finish.

Fro hawk

fro hawk

The fro hawk style is one that allows your hair to breathe without the constriction that buns or ponytail may give while at the same time ensuring that the hair gets out of your face. The Fro hawk can be styled in different ways and designs. Some may throw in side braids, use a parted design or use foam rollers to get curls at the middle, all in a bid to add more versatility. All the same, this style is a “YES” from me to get your style game on.

You can spend a whole day scrolling through the amazing all natural hairstyles photos on IG. But take the first step and start taking care of your natural hair. The African woman has very unique hair, and we love everything about our hair.

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