It’s time to stop focusing on just the genital area when looking for sexual pleasure. Nipples are one of the most fun and erogenous parts of the body. In fact, scientists mapping the human brain have discovered that the sensations from nipples stimulate the exact same part of the brain that receives signals from the genital area.

In the past, nipples were jokingly dismissed as a ‘second base’ score. But according to many women, you can hit a home run without venturing any further. Many women and men report being able to orgasm through nipple play alone. This is hardly surprising given that breast stimulation causes the body to release the hormone oxytocin. It is exactly the same ‘love hormone’ produced by the pituitary gland during a genital orgasm. It’s one of our wonderful, self-made, feel-good drugs.

Because there has been so much focus on the genital areas when it comes to achieving powerful orgasms, people neglect the nipple a little bit. So, now is the time for you to start experimenting with those two little love buttons we’ve been so lucky to have conveniently placed right on our chests. The fun thing about nipple play is that it can be both a solo activity and something you can do with a partner. But unless you’ve got particularly big breasts, you won’t be able to suck them yourself. Never mind as there are even toys to help with that. So, here are some suggestions to get started.

Twisting, rubbing and flicking are three of the manual ways to arouse a nipple. Some nipples are more sensitive than others and different people enjoy and desire different intensities of nipple manipulation. While some people can barely stand to have their nipples touched with feather light caresses or kisses, other people will want their nipples, pinched hard, twisted and even bitten. Breasts and nipples do enlarge and swell during arousal and that, too, will affect their sensitivity.

One very sensual way to introduce nipple play to a partner is during a massage with oil. This allows the hands to run over the breasts and nipples smoothly. This can help to gauge levels of sensitivity and to involve the entire breast in the fun. The extra lubricant provided by massage oil can not only intensify sensations but help those with extremely sensitive nipples to enjoy a little more stimulation and teasing over time.

There are an array of imaginative and fun toys you can use to enhance sexual activity involving the nipples. The great thing about toys is that you can use them when you’re on your own. You can also include them when having sex with a partner. Of course, you can also improvise. Everything from feathers to brushes are fun for light stimulation and teasing, particularly with sensitive nipples. You can apply normal vibrators directly to the nipple. Additionally you can use them as a tease around the areola and on other parts of the breast.

You can buy toys that suck, pinch, pull, clamp, pump or even which offer electrical shocks. Having access to good quality, purpose made toys when you are experimenting ensures that you won’t miss out on the orgasmic potential of your nipples. Those that report orgasming from nipple play say that it’s a very different kind of orgasm. I think everyone would agree that variety is the spice of life and it would be a shame to miss out on a new opportunity and a new sexual sensation, especially when it’s right there, quite literally, in front of you.

Some people like to add a bit of permanency to their nipple activities and opt to have them pierced permanently. Of course, nipple jewelry can be sexy to look at. But you can use it for pulling, adding weights and even bondage. Nipple piercings are also a very visible signal to new partners that one most definitely shouldn’t neglect the nipples.