Relationships have admittedly changed!

Dating, now, has different procedures and practices with “updated” lists of rules and conditions that changed the traditional idea of it. Since Romeo and Juliette things have come a long way! Now bouquets of flowers have become likes, romantic poems have become Facebook pokes and a retweet is can be considered as a wedding proposal or something. Frankly, nobody knows what a retweet means. Not to mention texting! Service providers have made the “Unlimited plans” because they lost counting of the love texts and the sextsexchanged. (may or may not be true)

Are these new ways of flirting and dating killing romance?

Well, some of them do.

Dating for young people is not that simple. First of all, some of us, use Facebook as a mean of stalking and background check. In a creepy way. A person today can learn about someone simply by checking out his/her Facebook page. Think about it: Once a person has access to your profile already knows everything about you. Knows who you know, what you like, where you are, who are you there with, what you are doing there, when you are leaving, where will you be next, your precise location, what you are eating and maybe how much you paid… Why not!

This background, FBI-like check is not necessary, but we all do it! You too. Liar. It is the thing that basically makes your first date fail as you have nothing to talk about! You already kinda know each other. Good luck finding questions that you don’t know the answers to and you want to know about the other person that already know way too much about you and that embarrassing Friday night you had with mrs. Vodka.

Oh! And who can forget the “Official” not single, in a relationship orcomplicated status on the site! That thing is LEGIT! It’s even stronger than a wedding in Vegas. Urban Dictionary already has the term “Facebook official”.

young people on phones

Also, “texting”. Keep it under control people!

1. It takes longer to communicate by text than by a phone call

2. It’s less boring to talk on the phone with your significant other

3. It’s more fun to talk on the phone

4. There are SO many ways a text can go wrong

5. You won’t send your sext by mistake to another person

6. You can hear the other person’s voice

7. You can check where the other person is by listening to the ambient noise without looking like a creep through text

8. No annoying misinterpreted emojis

And a word of advice let those goddang phones from time to time!Especially if you are on a date. Look at the other person you are with and talk. Sit together and say stuff to each other. Play a game [;)]. Don’t look at Twitter, Instagram, your ex while the other person is trying to talk to you and/or flirting you with you.

On the bright side of things, we all know that one sweet message we may get during the day from that special person. Maybe it’s a smiley, maybe it’s a lil heart, maybe a word, maybe a picture of burritos and guacamole. It’s the text that makes a crappy moment/day look better and brighter, making you instantly happy (for a brief moment at least) and think about other stuff that the work you have to due until the end of the day so that you won’t get fired. (money buy you pizza – work hard!)

Be careful of how you date. Things have become and are becoming faceless. There is a danger that romance will fade in the future making us robots and then an overlord could take over the world with a self made robot army. Nobody would want that (may or may not be an exaggeration).

Keep it sweet and keep it real!