Sex.  It’s never far from our minds.  That’s true for both men and women alike, and it’s only natural at some point, to start experimenting.  Pushing your boundaries.

For some people, that means experimenting with different partners or modes of sexuality, but for most people, experimentation starts with toys.

When most people think about sex toys, they tend to think about toys for women.  Vibrators.  Dildos.  Anal beads.  Things like that.


Those are all great, of course, but they make a wide range of products for men too, and if you’re looking for something to spice things up between you and your man in the bedroom, then there’s one sex toy designed for men that stands out from the rest, and you owe it to you both to get it for him.

The cock ring.

Seriously, this little device is a game changer, and will really take your bedroom fun to the next level.

Here’s how and why:

First, let’s face it, as much as men love sex, sometimes the equipment just doesn’t work.  Sooner or later, every sexually active male has trouble getting (or keeping) an erection.  Call it performance anxiety, call it ED, but whatever the case, it happens.

There are all sorts of fixes and workarounds when it does.  There’s no ironclad rule that says a guy can’t enjoy sex if he can’t keep it up right that second.  There are fingers and lips and a tongue to work with – and more.  A bit of creativity and it’s fine.

The cock ring simply adds to the mix, and armed with it, performance anxiety can be a thing of the past, because even when it happens, this marvelous little toy can put a man’s favorite body part back in the game.



The other big advantage this little gem provides is longevity.

Let’s face it girls, some guys are “minute men.”  You love ‘em, but they just can’t seem to last long enough to get you to the finish line.  There are lots of ways to fix that, including teaching your man the “stop and start” method, which is simply changing positions or giving him a little time to catch his breath so he doesn’t lose control and end the fun before it starts.

That’s effective, but takes time and practice.  If you have a boyfriend or husband who has control issues, you should guide him to both, using the cock ring until he masters the stop/start technique.

Easing your man into these things is simpler than you might think.  After all, guys love sex as much as you do, so of course, anything they can do to make it last longer, they’re going to be very interested in.  Mostly, this comes down to communication.  If you broach the subject by belittling him or making him doubt his masculinity, it’ll turn him off.

If you keep it light and approach the subject from the perspective of making the good times last as long as you both want them to, you’ll find him open to the idea and totally willing to embrace it.

Cock ring – good for your pleasure and his!  Buy one for your man today.