It is not easy to figure out a way to break the ice with a person who catches your eye. We are verbal creatures, not prone to simply acting out to get attention, although some men and women will use that route of suggestive glances or show off moves to try to bet attention. Even when a gesture makes you lock eyes with someone it is inevitable that a pickup line is on one person’s lips.

How can you make that line work, particularly if you do not know one thing about the object of your interest? Try one of these pick up genres, adapted to the situation, for your best chance at snagging at least a few minutes of conversation.

Keep It Light

I know when I’ve been approached by someone in a bar or at a party I will react best to a playful line. Someone who earnestly remarks that he’s been looking for me all of his life and then trails me throughout the evening will not succeed. But a guy who can quickly assess my mood and work it a bit may get some of my time.

Try For Funny


Notice I say “try” because it is impossible to know what I might really find humorous, but a guy who is quick with a quip is going to be way more interesting to me, especially if the joke is not on me. Make fun of yourself or point out something amusing about the situation and will listen for at least a few more lines, and often will begin bantering back.

Don’t Be Mean

When thinking through the line that might work on me keep in mind that I may like where I am and the people surrounding me. Lines that promise to take me away from all of the clowns I am with will just seem stupid. Picking on my friends to try to pick me up will not work well. And if you think that getting a little mad at me for not falling into your arms will work, think again. If your line fell flat move on. Your cover charge did not include me.

Low Key Is Best

Pushy and persistent is a real turn off for me, so if your original line didn’t spark much interest from me continuing on that trajectory will not get you far. I would rather have your acknowledge that the cheesy line failed and then have you just be real. Ask my name, what I do, where I study if I seem put off by the latest intricate line about “falling from heaven” or whatever didn’t work.

A Little Sexy is OK


We are all adults here, right? So a classy remark about how good I look and how you’d like to get to know me “better” may fly if I am in the mood. But creepy, violent or dirty talk probably won’t get you anywhere. Approving comments about my amazing appearance are one thing, a quick porn video synopsis in a pick up line will ensure you see me walking, fast, the other direction.