There are quite a number of protein-rich foods that you can reach out for that have commonly been approved by dieticians. See, some people might think that when it comes to healthy living, one should only turn to fruits and vegetables. That my friend is way far from the real truth of a healthy diet. Did you know that a good source of protein can even reduce the risk of contracting diseases like heart disease and stroke? So what are these good sources of proteins? How much protein intake is recommended?

Scroll on as we talk protein and discover some of the protein foods…

High protein foods to reach out for…

The thing with proteins is that there are so many underrated protein foods. The biggest culprits are the whole foods. See it’s hard to even start thinking that some of the foods in our pantries contain high amounts of protein.

One thing with protein foods is that that if you take too much of them, it can cause side effects that might even put your kidneys at risk. So DO NOT overdo it. What is generally recommended is a daily intake of 7g per 20 pounds of body mass.

The high-quality Protein-rich foods are those that do not come with some extras that might affect your weight later (sugar, salt, and saturated fat). That said, here are some suggestions of the go-to high protein low-fat food sources  – both plant and vegetable-based – to incorporate into your diet and where you can find them.

Vegetarian sources of protein

Some of the most underrated protein foods are those that come from plants. Little do people know that these vegetarian sources of protein are the unknown high protein foods. One of the advantages of plant-based protein foods is that they have fiber – something you won’t get from animal sources of protein.

Soybeans are one of the protein powerhouses in the plant world. This is because of the fact that is has all the essential amino acids (It’s rare to find this in other plant proteins packed with all the necessary amino acids). You can buy them from the grocery store – shelled or frozen and just throw them in stir-fries.

Lentils follow soybeans as another fantastic legume source of rich protein. You might be asking yourself, with so many types to choose from, which one has the best nutritional value? Well, you will be glad to know that it doesn’t really matter which type you settle for because they have similar nutritional value.

These babies cook fast, say about 25 minutes on average so they can be added into soups or other simple dishes, and just like that, you have yourself a meal with a higher protein count. Talk about an instant upgrade!

Split peas go well with soups and the beauty about them is that you don’t have to eat a full cup to get the recommended dose. They pack like a punch.

Animal low-fat protein

At the top of your head whenever we think of protein-rich foods our minds immediately veer off to the animal sources of proteins. The advantage of animal proteins is that they are packed will all the amino acids (not just the essential ones) that your body requires to function the way it should. If taken some of these can be the best protein food to eat for weight control. Let’s have a look at the animal protein sources you should be considering…

Skinless, boneless chicken breast is usually higher in protein than your everyday beef cut. And if you are looking for high protein low-fat food sources, you are in luck because chicken doesn’t have extra saturated fat. The best bit is that the chicken breast is very versatile when it comes to making it and you can find several recipes online. The easiest ways are to use it to make a salad or a sandwich. Plus, its very pocket friendly for the average person.

Canned Tuna is another protein source that doesn’t have saturated fats that can be detrimental to your arteries. That’s why we consider it to be on the list of the best protein food to eat for weight control. The one packed in water is very economical and doesn’t get spoilt. It’s just there for you to use at ease in sandwiches, plain, with crackers, in pasta salads… It is also versatile in terms of how to use it.

Egg whites are almost pure Protein-rich foods with no saturated fat. They can be easily made – hard-boiled or scrambled.

Greek Yogurt has live probiotic cultures which help support a healthy digestive tract as it gives you loads of protein. Use it as a sour cream substitute or lump it on frozen fruit.

1% Cottage Cheese is perfect because of less prep time!

Hope you will consider some of these once unknown high protein foods into your diet too. For more diet articles visit Love is All Colors.