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Huge congratulations to Tan France and his husband Rob France, as they have just become fathers for the very first time!

The Queer Eye star went public with the exciting news that he and the freelance illustrator were expecting their first child via surrogate back in April…

“So happy to finally share that WE’RE HAVING A BABY!!” the fashion expert wrote on Instagram at the time.

“With the greatest gift/help of the most wonderful surrogate, Rob and I are lucky enough to be on our way to being parents, this summer.

“Something we’ve wanted for soooo many years. Our hearts are so full right now.

“I cannot wait to hold this baby, and to show him so much love.”

The proud new parents said that their little boy Ismail was born on July 10, and shared a gorgeous picture of them both cuddling him on Instagram.

They also said that he was born seven weeks premature, and had to spend three weeks in the newborn intensive care unit.

Luckily, both baby and surrogate are now doing really well…

“Give our son a warm welcome,” Tan France’s Instagram post began.

“Ismail France, born July 10th.

“He came 7 weeks early, so he’s been in the NICU for the past 3 weeks. But, today, we finally got to bring him home. We love him so, so much. Like, fully obsessed.

“Our Surrogate is doing so great, post labor, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the greatest gift in our lives.”

So how are the new parents adjusting to their new roles?

Speaking on the PEOPLE Every Day podcast, Tan France joked about the effect the sleepless nights might have on him in the not-so-distant future…

“I am a little bit terrified to go back to Queer Eye next season because people will think, ‘Who’s that guy?’ I know I will age 10 years in six months after we have our baby, but it’s so worth it,” the 38-year-old new father said.

“I know it’s going to be tough. I know it is, but I’m positive the good is going to outweigh the bad.”

The Queer Eye star also went into a little more detail about the parenting styles he and Rob intend to take, noting how they might go down very different routes based on their own upbringings…

“Listen, I don’t want to call out races here, but I find that with Caucasian folks, they’re a little more liberal with their kids,” he continued.

“My husband is Caucasian and all of his family, all of his friends, all of our friends, they’re a little more loosey-goosey.

“Whereas South Asian people are quite strict with their children. I’m definitely going to be a typical South Asian Muslim parent.”

Congratulations again to the proud new parents!