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Well, we definitely didn’t see this coming…

According to reports – of which there have been many – Channing Tatum has got himself a brand new girlfriend following his separation from Jenna Dewan.

And it’s none other than British singer and The Voice UK judge, Jessie J!

Who’s as shocked as we are?

“They’ve been hanging out a lot lately and he’s excited about seeing her,” a source reportedly told E! News.

“She’s on the road, but he is very interested in getting to know her and doesn’t mind tagging along.

“He’s making a lot of effort and wants to spend as much time with her as he can.

“He’s having fun with it and seeing where it goes. He’s known her for a while and always thought she was very talented.”

We can’t deny that Jessie J is an incredibly talented – not to mention beautiful – woman, and we’re actually really into this rumored brand new relationship.

Although they haven’t turned up to any events as an official couple, there have been numerous sightings of the pair out and about…

“They didn’t kiss or have much PDA in person, but it definitely looked like they were a couple,” a casual observer told E! News after seeing them at Henry’s Tavern in Seattle over the weekend.

“They were both smiling at one another. Overall, they were both trying to keep to themselves and were very polite to the wait staff.”

Aww, we love the beginning of new relationships!

And we have a feeling that ex-wife Jenna Dewan won’t be too distraught over it, as sources have also confirmed that they are both “casually dating” other people. Hopefully no hard feelings!

Do you think Channing Tatum and Jessie J make a good couple?