Christmas is just around the corner, and you might be stressing over what to get girlfriend for Christmas. Read ahead for some ideas…

Best gift ideas for what to get your girlfriend for Christmas

It’s the time of the year again, the time to get your special lady that unique gift to mark the festive season and probably appreciate her for a wonderful year. When it comes to what to get your girlfriend for Christmas, the perfect gift isn’t necessarily the expensive one, but the unique- straight-from-the-heart gift. Trust me, a real girlfriend understands the difference.

The thing is, women are very complicated. Only a mind reader can indeed tell what’s on her mind and what she would truly want. This makes it difficult too when trying to please them.

I had to start browsing the internet in search for what to get my girlfriend for Christmas 2018 since we only started dating October. I looked for new girlfriend gift ideas and Christmas gift ideas for girlfriend. I wanted something that said, ‘you are special, and I loved the time I have spent with you so far’. I eventually found these cute personalized interlocking love hearts necklace, gave it to my lady and she loved it! Trust your instincts and have fun while doing it.

To keep you off ‘going bananas’ rattling your brain on what to get girlfriend for Christmas, Love is all colors carried out research on the best Christmas gift ideas for a girlfriend. Here is what we came up with:

Nordgreen Native Rose Gold Mesh Watch

The wristwatch comes in a unique rose gold color, giving it a unique natural glow to match any outfit she chooses to wear it with. The minimalist Scandi-style wrist watch is the perfect Christmas present for your girlfriend. It will also go a long way to reduce the time spent checking time regularly on her phone. Secondly, it comes with interchangeable straps, allowing her to switch up her looks whenever she feels like it.

Comfy Massage Cushion

Comfy massage cushion

You could get your special lady a simple pillow-like massage cushion. Women love massages – anything to make her feel comfortable and ease off the daily stress. Not everyone can afford to keep going to a spa for massages. If you are not always around to give her a massage, then this comfy massage cushion might just be the next best thing for this Christmas. So look no further, the massage cushions are the perfect Christmas gifts for her.

Customized Jewelry

Nothing speaks ‘I love you’ like customized jewelry. Women love jewelry, precious stones, and diamonds. So as the festive season approaches, get her lovely customized jewelry that will always be reminding her of you. Make this Christmas a memorable one for her.

Makeup Set

If your lady is a fashionista and has a thing for makeup, then don’t worry so much about what to get girlfriend for Christmas. Just get her her favorite makeup set. And you got some bucks, go designer!



A camera is top of the charts for awesome Christmas gift ideas 2018. Since it’s a season of love, laughter, and good memories, a camera will be perfect for her to capture all the memorable moments of the 2018 Christmas period. If you want to really wow her, get her the new Polaroid OneStep Plus camera. It is one among the many awesome camera editions out this year. The retro design brings back the unique Polaroid camera designs of the past but with a modern touch with features such as Bluetooth and mobile app for easier editing and better print effects.

eTip Hand Gloves

Nothing speaks louder than a thoughtful present. It’s cold everywhere, and she’s in a constant battle between phone and gloves. Hence an eTip glove is indeed the perfect way to say, ‘hey baby, I understand it’s cold this Christmas and I want you comfortable and to always be able to stay in touch.’

When I was searching for what to get my girlfriend for Christmas, I came across the new North Face eTip Gloves. Believe me, it is the perfect Christmas present for your girlfriend.   These super soft gloves feature a grippy pointer finger for texting and an invisible thumb. Consider this a Christmas winter essential.

A Pair of Earrings

Like I said earlier, jewelry is one language all women understand, so let’s speak it! Mignonne Gavigan Burst earrings are the perfect Christmas present for your girlfriend especially if she’s a new girlfriend. This is one of the new girlfriend gift ideas you can never go wrong with.

Scented Candles

Rekindle your romance this Christmas with romantic scented candles. What better choice to make on what to get a girlfriend for Christmas than the new Agraria Cedar Rose Crystal candles. Never underestimate the power of this sweet-smelling present. These colorful scented candles will keep her favorite room smelling like a rose garden throughout the Christmas festive period.

Comfy Slippers

This is one of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts for her. It’s December, and it’s probably cold in most parts of the country. Getting her a comfy slipper will do the magic in keeping her feet warm while walking around the apartment. The UGG Dakota Slipper is popular for its incredible mocassin look. They are also super comfy and comfortable. The slippers are mostly made of comfortable ultra-plush lining from high-quality shearling wood, and outer treatment of suede.

Manicure Set

When browsing for Christmas gift ideas for girlfriend, try items such as manicure and pedicure sets. The new Chanel Perfectly Polished Manicure Essential Set is a perfect Christmas present for your lovely girlfriend.  This manicure set includes La Crème Main hand cream, Le Vernis long-wear nail color, and Le Gel Coat long-wear top coat. All these come in an elegant signature pouch.

Comfort Blanket

Cuddle your way into her heart with a warm blanket as Christmas present.  She would probably end up wearing those blankets during the cold winter nights of Christmas, remember it came from the thoughtful mind of someone that cares about her. A unique blanket to go for is the Mermaid Comfort blanket. Uniquely designed with the mermaid look for the solo snuggler, the Mermaid Comfort Blanket is the perfect gift for a known bed dweller. This is perfect for a lazy day reading, surfing the internet or catching up on a box set.

French Press Coffee Pot

french press coffee pot

If your girlfriend is a coffee addict like mine, a classic, luxurious French coffee press is just what your girlfriend needs to set her Christmas right. If you are going for the wow-factor then go for the Le Creuset French press pots because they come in various colors. Get her one to match her kitchen decor.

A Diamond Necklace She’ll Have Forever…

Diamonds may be quite expensive, but they are still a girl’s best friend. For a long-term relationship, a diamond necklace is a good way of telling your girlfriend ‘I want her forever.’ Quit asking yourself ‘what should I get for Christmas,’ and take the bold diamond step. Now you might think you would have to spend thousands to buy a diamond necklace. However, Jewelry Company AUrate has proven you can get it cheaper. This diamond necklace is something she can keep and wear for a long time. So if you have some money to spare, why not?


Buy your lady a pet if she is an animal lover. What better Christmas present for your girlfriend than a new pet to love and care for during this season of love and kindness. However, before you take this step to find out what her stand is on having animals around. You can stylishly tell her a colleague at work got a cat or a dog and watch her reaction. If she seems excited about it, then go ahead and shop for the cutest-fluffiest pet you can lay your hands on.

Planned Trip Out of Town

If you are still thinking on what to get your girlfriend for Christmas, how about a ticket to spend time in one of her favorite places.

Already Potted House Plant

If your girlfriend is a lover of nature, then a potted plant would definitely be the perfect gift for her. There are many outlets ready to deliver nicely pruned plants of any kind at your doorstep. Leon George is a San Francisco house plant startup company. At your request, they will send beautiful plants potted in stylish, minimalist pots to her address. All she needs to do is to occasionally water the plant. These plants range from flowers to short trees. Flowers are lovely, but houseplants are better and have a much longer shelf life. Pus, most of the Leon & George’s species are very easy to care for.

Eco-Friendly Cashmere Sweater

Eco-friendly clothing is what most people are raving about these days. This festive period, get your girlfriend one of Everlane’s eco-friendly reformation cashmere sweaters. These sweaters are made from 70% recycled cashmere.

Clutch Bag

An artsy clutch bag is the perfect Christmas gift for a new girlfriend. Ladies love their clutch bags. This is the perfect accessory to go with her head to toe ensemble. The BMC Clutch Handbag is the perfect Christmas companion. This artsy bag will add a whole lot of pizzazz to your girl’s ensemble, and it’s practical too! Internal pockets keep everything organized while the outside screams style. As her eyes light upon this gift in awe, her first question will surely be, “Where’d you find it?!”

Huge Teddy Bear

teddy bear

Ladies love stuffed animals. A cuddly teddy bear might be the answer to your quest on what to get my girlfriend for Christmas 2018.

2019 Diary

What better way to celebrate the Christmas festivities and end of the year than to get her a diary for the coming year. Christmas is the last festival of the year and with it comes a new year. Hence, a new diary seems like a perfect gift for the season.

Winter Jacket

With the temperatures dropping, a cozy faux-fur coat is like wearing a hug. The MKT Studio Coat comes in different colors and is the perfect gift for the Christmas season and weather.

A Carry-on Suitcase

carry on suitcase

This Christmas, look no further when searching for what to get your girlfriend. Here is our final suggestion on what to get girlfriend for Christmas – s carry on suitcase. This is indeed a thoughtful gift. She will have it for a very long time thus remembering who it came from whenever she travels with it.

When in search of Christmas gift ideas for your girlfriend, always remember the best Christmas present for your girlfriend isn’t the most expensive one, but the one that comes straight out of the heart! And remember, the perfect gift you can ever give your girlfriend is the gift of your time.

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