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Selena Gomez has had her fair share of ups and downs over the past 12 months – but we think 2019 might just be her year!

Following a stressful year of lupus-related complications and mental health issues – which led to her seeking treatment for anxiety and depression a few months ago – we’re pleased to hear that Selena Gomez is now on the mend.

According to reports, the star is now back home from the treatment facility and is “feeling a lot happier” in herself.

“Selena’s back at her house and feeling good,” a source told E! News.

“She’s been spending time with her friends and family and just getting back into her normal routine. She’s healthy and feeling a lot happier.

“The time away was good for her to reset and figure out some new ways of dealing with the issues that have been bringing her down.”

That’s what we like to hear!

Selena Gomez has been spotted out and about in California for the first time since entering the treatment facility and is looking like her old, happy self. She even went for a hike in Malibu, and looked like she was having a whale of a time!

And according to sources, Selena knows exactly what she has to do to ensure she stays happy and healthy in the new year…

“She’s focused on her physical and mental well-being and is conscious of the things she needs to do to stay healthy,” the source added.

“She has a routine that involves working out, eating healthy and therapy sessions. She is surrounding herself with her best girlfriends and positive influences in her life.

“She’s happy to be back home and seeing friends again.”

Healthy eating, exercise, and a small circle of good friends sound like a recipe for success to us!

Good luck for 2019, Selena!