Is a lack of self-confidence stopping you from pursuing your dreams and living a full life? You’re not alone. Many people you know suffer from it, too. But looking at them, you wouldn’t tell. Most have learned to conceal their self-doubt, considering it a part of their character.

Should you do likewise? No, contrary to what you might think, self-confidence isn’t an inborn trait. It’s an acquired one. And here’s how to acquire it.

Care for Your Body

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Body image and self-confidence are so closely linked that one affects the other. For example, when you fail to groom yourself, to eat a healthy diet, or to exercise, your body image suffers and with it your self-confidence.

So start a fitness regime, get a makeover, lose weight, or head over to MyBotoxLA for a botox injection. Or to put it in another way, do what you must to look like you think you deserve. And as if on cue, the confidence boost will follow.

Focus on Yourself, not on Others

Want to know the most common reason for low self-confidence? It’s comparing yourself to others. Instead of focusing on yourself, you focus on others and on their achievements. As a result, you end up hating yourself and even start trying to be like other people.

This is a dead-end road, for you can never be someone else. So shift the focus back on you. Value your self, your body, and your successes. Only then can you be confident of and comfortable with who you are.

Go Easy on Yourself

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You already know this, but you’re your worst critic. At the slightest mistake, you come down on yourself harder than you would on others were they to make a similar mistake. You resort to name-calling, referring to yourself as stupid, a mess, or a failure. And with time, you start believing your opinion of yourself.

For that reason, learn to silence that inner critic. After all, you’re only human and, therefore, bound to make mistakes. So laugh at and learn from these mistakes.

Set Realistic Goals

By setting unrealistic goals, you set yourself up to fail because such goals are unattainable. They also pose another danger, besides failure. After repeatedly failing to attain them, you blame yourself. And considering yourself a failure, you come to expect mediocrity in your life.

If this describes you, know that you’re not the problem. Your goal setting is. Instead of setting big goals, you should be opting for small incremental ones. They’re easier to achieve and leave you with a sense of accomplishment. After a string of successes and the confidence they bring, now move on to larger goals and then even larger.

Learn to Say No

If you don’t set boundaries, the people around you will notice. They’ll then bully you and even take over your life. And reduced to a doormat, you’ll lose their respect and, worse still, your self-respect.

But don’t remain in this state. Regain control of your life and self-worth by doing what you should have done at the beginning and that’s setting boundaries. Fortunately, that’s an easy thing to do. Learn to say no more often and ask for what you want. And if you don’t know how to do so, consider attending an assertiveness class.

Don’t let a lack of confidence ruin your life. Acquire this important trait by focusing less on others and more on yourself. In short, take charge of your body, thinking, and life.