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Any pregnant woman will tell you that dressing their bump is a huge challenge. And Serena Williams is no different…

The Olympic and Grand Slam tennis champion opened up about the wardrobe challenges she faced when she was pregnant with her daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian.

She told Essence magazine that she tried her hardest to maintain her “fabulous” style until the very last day of her pregnancy…

“The thing is, during my pregnancy, I always made sure I was dressed up, or I wore heels and it would kill me,” she told Essence, as part of her cover interview for its September issue.

“But I would just wear the heels and then I would take them off at the restaurant or wherever we would go. Then I’d put them back on. I had to be fabulous.”

In true Olympic gold medalist fashion, Serena Williams didn’t give up, and was even rocking her stylish outfits the day before she went into labor…

“There’s even a picture of the day before I had the baby,” she added.

“We went out to eat and I had on my blue outfit and I was like, I’m going to try to be stylish this whole pregnancy.”
What a woman!

Despite trying her hardest to maintain her unique and enviable style throughout her pregnancy, the tennis pro confessed that it became much harder once she had given birth…

“I tried, but afterward, it was a little bit of a letdown, definitely more so than during,” she told the mag.

“We deserve a letdown, but we also deserve an upgrade.”

Speaking of ‘upgrade’, it seems like Serena Williams knows exactly what women need – which is why we cannot wait for the new collection from her eponymous line, S by Serena, to land.

From September 10, customers will be able to shop every single look from the catwalk collection, which will include everything from highly glamorous outfits, to clothes for those dress-down days, and everything else in-between…

“As far as the clothing, we really wanted to have fun and be confident. It’s kind of like all the aspects of my life. But not just my life, most women’s lives,” she told Essence about the new S by Serena collection.

“We have a job, or we have somewhere to go for an event, or we have something more serious that we wanted to dress down for, or we might want to go out with our friends and relax, or we may just be walking around the house as a mom.

“So when we were designing the collection, we wanted to speak to every aspect of that woman.”

Seems like she has hit the nail on the head – we can’t wait!

You can read the rest of Serena’s interview in the September issue of Essence, which hits newsstands on August 16.