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The highly anticipated NFL Super Bowl is happening this Sunday, as the San Francisco 49ers are set to take on the Kansas City Chiefs. And that can only mean one thing – Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s epic halftime show is almost upon us!

During a press conference, the two music legends gave a small insight into what fans can expect from their 12-minute performance at the Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show. (To use its official name.) The most touching of which will no doubt be a “heartfelt” tribute to LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant, who died last Sunday in a helicopter crash…

“Life is so fragile. And that’s why we have to live every moment as intensely as we can,” Shakira said.

“And I think we’ll all be remembering Kobe on Sunday. And we’ll be celebrating life and celebrating diversity in this country.

“I’m sure he’ll be very proud to see the message that we’re going to try to convey on stage.”

Jennifer Lopez also added that they would be doing this for Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa, who not only lost her husband to the crash but also her daughter…

“I think about Vanessa as a mom and losing her best friend and partner and losing her child, you know, how awful that must be for her right now.

“I just wanted to send the message and praying God guides her through every moment because she has three more babies to take care of.”

So what else can we expect from J-Lo and Shakira’s show?

“When we did the first run-through, Shakira was like, ‘That was great.’ It’s different what we do,” Jennifer Lopez said in reference to their performances.

“It’s very Shakira and very Jennifer.”

We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Good luck ladies!

Ps: don’t forget that Demi Lovato will be singing the National Anthem, so tune in early to catch her singing her heart out!