We’ve all seen the smouldering shower sex scenes in movies. But how do you pull them off without busting an elbow? For the first time, we’ve got the hottest, slippery, clean (and dirty) shower sex tips to amp up your bath time. We promise it’ll be your favorite part of the day. You’ll want to take a shower even if you don’t need one.

Read on and find out how you can create your own steamy scene…

How you can have the best sex in the shower

First, let’s talk about why you need to play it safe before you get freaky in the slip n slide for two. Sex in the shower can be such a turn on. If you can pull off sex there, you can pull it off anywhere. There are around 235,000 emergency room visits from the bathroom alone in the US according to the CDC.

Maybe it’s the danger element that makes shower sex so freaking hot. Make sure you’ve got a slip-resistant mat. Then let your steam room adventure begin!

Be prepared

Remember to bring some lube when you want to have sex in the shower or tub. Just because you’re turned on doesn’t mean you’ll be as wet at you need to be to have the most satisfying shower sex. All your internal juicy lube can be washed right down the pipes.

Soap is the arch enemy of your personal lubrication. Silicon lube is the best in water, especially if you’re using condoms.  So Apply silicon-based lube liberally to all the right places before you get down in shower town.

The sex in the shower party is just getting started

Turn up the heat first, so there’s no shrinkage going on if there’s a man involved. If you don’t have direct heat in your bathroom crank up the hair dryer (far away from the water, please). I’m a creature of comfort at all times, even during shower sex. Now onto the sex shower techniques you’ve been bathing for.

Build the anticipation of sex in shower before it happens

Text bathtub emojis and eggplants to your significant other before shower time. You’ll both be revved up more than usual. Getting turned on starts in your mind first.

Use body wash instead of soap

Body wash is usually more moisturizing than your regular bar of soap. And it takes longer to rinse off. Conditioner works too. So if you’re low on the fancy liquid soap department, you can still slip conditioner all over each other . . . Then in each other.

For your pleasure try the sex shower spread legs wall lean

Lean your back against the shower wall. Make your guy get on his knees and pleasure you with his mouth, his tongue, and his hands. This will get you right and ready for some more action if you prefer more stimulation…

Bring on the waterproof toys, so you are sure to get off in the steam shower sex playtime

You’ll probably be hanging onto the curtain if there’s penetration involved. So your best bet is to bring in a waterproof vibrator to keep things buzzing in the right places. It’s harder for many women to have an orgasm while standing up. Trust me you’ll both have more fun this way.

If you’re too busy to get out the toys for shower sex, try this move…

Have your guy sit on the edge of the tub close to the showerhead of course. This will keep you nice and wet and warm. Face your guy and sit in his lap. This is a great position. But make sure you cut the dude some slack if he happens to sit on the curtain. You might need to call the handyman to fix your rod. He’ll wonder what happened in there. At love is all colors we like to keep things interesting.

Bring on the detachable sex in shower head

This is a best-case scenario in any shower. This time you sit on the edge of the tub with your legs spread wide open. Let your man be in charge of the water pressure and settings. Tell him he can’t stop until you get off. Neither of you will be sorry, especially you.

For the yoga ladies in the house try this: The wheelbarrow

But don’t try this if you’re not limber. It’s D.A.N.G.E.R.O.U.S. (Trust me, I know from experience).

This only work if you have a big size shower. You’ll basically need a small room to play in. Bend over and put your hands on the ground. Make sure there’s no soap on the shower floor. Let your guy pick up your spread legs and work his way in. This is a technical challenge that should be awarded a big… medal for both of you. At least you know you’ll get one big thing at this shower party.

If you’re feeling generous, you can give your partner a big fat B.J. He’ll remember this scene for the rest of his life! I hope these tips will give your sex-life the shower-licious lovin’ that you need.

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