Ever locked your car’s door 5 times because you simply forgot you locked it? Have you ever stared at your open fridge without remembering what you need from inside? Ever found yourself in a room not remembering why you are there? Ever wondered if you are the only one? Don’t worry. You are not.

Daily life has changed drastically over the past decade with everything becoming blazing fast and things moving at speeds that always somehow need to be faster. We want faster computers, faster wifi, faster food, faster results,faster everything. With coffee fueling us on the daily (or tea for people that haven’t discovered the magical powers of coffee) and a ton of to-do lists posted everywhere for  “productivity” people face everything like a well programmed cyborg ready to do anything. Have you ever watched a security camera (hopefully not one of you on the news) of how people operate in a busy office? You have never witnessed a faster massacre of donuts and keyboards. This speed has managed to change something to people that not many people have the time to realize. It made many people’s attention span super small or inexistent.


If you made it reading this post up to this point this means that you have an attention span.

You are either interested in reading this article or you got lost online. Attention spans have become small enough to inspire a whole section of the online entertainment, songs, commercials, television shows and even movie theaters.

Living a fast life with short attention span can make you sometimes look like alunatic. For example, you may be having a conversation with that interesting person you met at work and had a crush on for several weeks now. You are at a beautiful restaurant (of which you don’t remember the name for a reason you can’t remember) after work and having a conversational amazing night with this person. Laughing, saying stories and all that stuff. And your luck turned golden when you asked for the number. The other person accepts to give you his/her phone number and you try to put it in your contacts when you remember that you forgot to ask their name, or simply forgot it. Oh boy isn’t that fun and delightful… And by the way you don’t easily forget that incident!

Short attention span is everywhere though and happens to a lot of people every day. If you are wondering whether you have a short attention span here is an interesting video with signs that you may have a short attention span.