Did you know that just by adding superfoods breakfast to your daily routine can make you begin the day on a high note in relation to your health and the energy needed to get you pumped for the day? So what are some of these super food ideas to incorporate in your diet?

Read on as Love is all Colors brings you some of the 5 new healthy choices you can try out. And trust me, these are not the boring kind…

Breakfast superfood ideas

Most people like taking shortcuts when it comes to their foods. Even those who have consciously put a healthy diet on the list of their resolutions still find themselves falling short. One thing that we must admit is that change doesn’t happen overnight. You need to start by putting whatever changes you want to make in your diet into practice. And the best way you can hack eating healthy is by making saner breakfast choices.

Breakfast… the most important meal of the day.

No matter what super food ideas you are searching for, one thing you have to realize is that if you want superfood for energy breakfast is one of the meals you will need to kick start your day. Even those trying to lose weight need to know that breakfast should be made part of the normal routine.

So one thing I will continue to emphasize with this post is how important eating a nourishing breakfast can help you stay fuller throughout your day. Even if you are running late there are always some breakfast on the go alternatives that you can whip out in a few minutes as have it as you move along. Breakfast id important for endurance as well as for concentration.

Here are some superfoods breakfast ideas that are both delicious and nutritious to try out. Most of them are easy to make as well as grab and go options.

Granola bars

Granola bars are without a doubt, the best superfood for energy. They are easily found at the supermarkets and grocery stores and it is one of the best grab and go breakfast whenever one is in a hurry. With such a super food idea, you have no reason to skip breakfast no matter how late you are running. This can be bought from the stores or made at home.

The beauty of these bars is that they are packed with energy and superfoods like chia seeds, hemp seeds as well as coconut oil giving one the needed energy boost of Omega 3s. Plus, they come in various flavors.


Oatmeal is a whole grain that is high in soluble fiber content, complex carbohydrates proteins. One thing with oats is how versatile these babies can be spruced up. If you are looking for dried superfood breakfast recipes, you will find lots of varieties that are using oats.

Because they are slowly injected into a person’s bloodstream they provide people with a steady stream of energy to sustain a person during the day. Oatmeal is great to keep your metabolism going. You can mix them with nuts and berries or any of your favorite organic fruit to sweeten them. Add in some almond milk… or just milk if desired.

Chia pudding

Chia seeds are another super food idea that helps a person lose weight as well as normalize your metabolism. Rich in calcium, it is healthy and easy to make. You can make the chia seeds pudding by combining ingredients of your own choice. For instance, use any of topping such as strawberries, toasted almonds, raisins, shredded coconut, or add some chocolate powder for that chocolatey flavor.


Other superfoods breakfast recipes come from bananas. It is known as one of the best pre-workout and post-workout snacks. This superfood is rich in potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, and complex carbohydrates and is well known for energy-boosting powers. You can take it on its own or make simple but great energizing smoothies using vegetables too. One banana breakfast superfood recipes to try out is to mix banana, a handful of spinach, some maca powder, and milk of choice. And there you have the perfect smoothie. To add some zing to it, add some vanilla or chocolate protein powder.

Peanut butter

This is another superfood breakfast that is readily available and that adds lots of stamina to people as well as providing heart-healthy fats and proteins. When taking it for breakfast, one of the recommendations is to take it in combination with complex carbs, keeping hunger at bay.

The thing that makes PB be one of the super food idea foods is that it instantly regulates blood sugar! This one is a real power snack. Just a tablespoon is enough to balance one’s sugar levels. Make this spread part of your daily breakfast meals and enjoy its benefits.

The thing is: your superfoods breakfast doesn’t have to be fussy, expensive, or complicated. As you have seen above, even some good old pantry foods that are packed with fiber such as oats for instance can really go a long way into helping you stay fuller during the day as well as reducing risks of some chronic diseases such as heart disease.

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