Do you have a tattoo?  Are you thinking about getting one?  If so, you might want to factor a recent survey into your thinking.

Tattoo Survey

First of all, opinions are, and have been changing about tattoos.  These days, fully 70% of men find tattoos on women sexy. 80% of women find tattoos on men sexy. But the survey also revealed that the number and placement of the tattoos mattered very much in terms of how much people appreciated them.

Tattoo preferences in men and women

Both men and women reported that tattoos on the face, neck and a tat covering the whole back weren’t sexy.  Men also reported that they didn’t find full sleeve tats on women sexy. Women reported that they didn’t find stomach tattoos on men sexy.

One of the more interesting things revealed by the survey was the fact that most (68%) men said they like their women to have tattoos that are “for their eyes only”. They also prefer them covered up most of the time. On the other hand, women don’t have a strong opinion about covered or uncovered either way.

Neither gender expressed a strong preference for color versus a black and white tattoo. They said color mostly mattered on the specific design and what was most appropriate for that design.

Both genders had some clear preferences when it came to the location of the tattoos on the opposite sex.  Men found women’s tats to be at their sexiest when they were on the back, thigh, wrist, and foot.

That was a stark contrast to the women. They found chest tattoos to be the sexiest, followed by arm, half sleeve, and back tattoos.

On average, 56% of men and women said that smaller and subtly placed was better.  A tattoo covering the entire arm, chest, or back was “too much” and simply too overpowering to be sexy.

How many?

coveredThe single most interesting point of divergence between men and women was the fact that the men didn’t care how many tattoos a woman had, but preferred that they mostly be covered up (again, “their eyes only,” while women found that the more tattoos a man had on his body, the less attractive he became.

Four seemed to be the magic number for women.  More than four tattoos, and the male’s attractiveness dropped off markedly.

Both genders agreed that creativity mattered a lot.  Neither gender was overly impressed with a generic, overused meme as a tattoo.  Women tended to be more strongly attracted to tribal patterns on men, while men didn’t have a clear preference when it came to tattoo design on women, except that it be clever and creatively rendered.

All that to say, whether you’re a man or a woman, if you don’t currently have a tattoo, and you think you might like to get one, there’s some solid evidence that the right tattoo, in the right place will make you more attractive to the opposite sex!

Of course, none of this is to say that you should let others decide for you, or allow their opinions to dictate your thinking, but it is something you might want to keep in mind!