The build up to dating can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time, especially if you’ve never kissed a girl before. Of course, you’ve seen kissing in the movies and on TV. You’ve watched your favorite stars kiss beautiful women. Sometimes it looked romantic and gentle but other times it looked more aggressive and passionate.

You’ve probably heard girls joking about guys who are terrible kissers. And you definitely do not want to end up as the butt of one of their jokes. So today, I’m going to go through the basics with you. This will help you make sure your first kiss will be one that will leave you tingling from your head to your toes. It will also ensure that the girl you are kissing comes back for more.

Be kissable

kissableBefore you even think about kissing anyone, you need to make sure that you are perfectly kissable. Good hygiene is essential. So brush your teeth, use mouthwash if necessary. Also, have some back up mints or breath spray just in case you have the opportunity for that first kiss after eating. If you have had a meal, it is probably worth taking a quick trip to the bathroom to make sure there is no food stuck between your teeth. Oh, and if you do eat, stay away from strong smelling flavors such as garlic and raw onion.

No chapped lips

chapped-lipsNo one wants to kiss someone with chapped, dry lips, so look after your lips. Exfoliate them with a scrubber if necessary to remove any dead skin and moisturize them regularly. You’ll also want to make sure that if you have stubble, you’re clean shaven so that you don’t leave any telltale razor rash behind. When you’re that close an intimate with another person, you definitely need to make that extra effort.

Timing is everything

timingThe best time for a first kiss is when you’ve spent time relaxing with a girl and you both are comfortable and having fun. For most girls and women, laughter is a real aphrodisiac. If you are on a date, or hanging out with a girl and she smiles and laughs a lot, then you know that she really enjoys your company. But still, it’s hard. That fear of rejection can be so overwhelming. You’re probably wondering about some of the other signs that could let you know that kissing her is a good idea.

Don’t miss the signals

signalsGirls and women give off many subtle signals that they like a guy. For example, does she call and text you a lot? That’s a great sign – as long as she’s not texting you about other guys. Then, you might still be in the friend zone. Does she make an effort to spend time with you, especially time alone? This is always a good sign. If, when you do spend time together, she stays close to you physically, even making contact from time to time, then you’re definitely on the right track to that exciting first kiss.

When the opportunity arises, it may take you by surprise, but don’t panic. She may even make the first move. But if you get scared, it may seem like you’ve rejected her and you’ll blow it. Remember, a first kiss is as nerve wracking for the girl as it is for you. If you’ve been thinking about kissing a particular girl, then you really need to make sure you’re as prepared as you can be at all times.

Plan ahead

The best way to make it happen though, is when you are ready and feeling confident. Plan to do something with her that is fun but also allows you some privacy. It could simply be going for a walk on the beach or to get some ice cream together. If you’re not sure about how she feels, you can always start by something a little less intense, such as holding her hand, or putting your arm around her. If she allows you to do that, then you’ll be able to feel more secure that she’s not going to reject you.

It’s about finding the perfect moment. It could be after you’ve opened up to each other about something personal. It could be after you’ve had a laugh together. Either way, an emotional connection will not only make the moment more perfect, but it will make the kiss that much more enjoyable. Try touching her face, or her hair but be gentle. You don’t want her to feel forced. When it’s time, while you may be looking into her eyes, it’s normally considered good kissing etiquette to close your eyes when you move in.

Great kiss

great-kissGoing back to what you’ve seen in the movies, do not try an open mouth kiss for that very first contact. That could be a way to totally freak the girl out. Try to just brush her lips with yours, gently at first. You want her to want more and to make it clear by increasing the intensity of the kiss herself. The best kisses are teasing and take some time to build up. So, relax and enjoy the closed mouth kisses first before venturing into opening your mouth or using tongues.

When the time is right to take it a little bit further, have fun with it. Sticking your tongue into a girl’s mouth will completely put her off. Use your tongue to tease and play with her gently. Do not lick her or allow the kiss to become wet and slobbery. Both of those things will completely put her off.

Remember to breathe and to come up for air from time to time. A kiss does not have to be one long marathon nor does it have to lead to other things. Don’t assume that just because a girl is kissing you that she wants to take it further. Kissing is fun and a great way to build up a relationship with someone but enjoy it for what it is, even if you do get turned on. Your first kiss should be something memorable, wonderful and special in its own right. If you’re prepared, confident and you’ve made sure that you’re perfectly kissable, you’ll have the sort of first kiss you’ve always dreamed about.