Rachel found that online dating simplified her search for love. “It made it easier to date outside my race,” she says of our site. Michael confirms that his motivations were along the same lines. “Yes, it just made it easier to meet the women I was attracted to,” he tells us.

Both singles figured their odds of meeting someone special were about “50/50.” For Michael, the investment in his love life was considerable — it took him two years to meet Rachel. She had only been a member for a month at that point. “I reached out to Rachel with a Flirt,” Michael remembers. It was Rachel’s combination of attractive qualities that reeled him in. “She was sweet, and sexy,” he says. “We had a lot in common.”

Rachel was impressed with Michael’s profile as well. “He was good looking, and kind,” she notes. After communicating for a while, they were convinced to take the next step and go out on a date. “He was everything I was looking for,” Rachel declares. Michael remembers thinking, “This is the one!”

On their first date, Rachel was surprised at how effortless it was to spend time with Michael. Rachel hadn’t realized how witty Michael could be. It brought out a side in her that Michael describes, affectionately, as “goofy.” They felt the other was entirely their “type” and both singles were certain they would see each other again.

Just one month after that night, Rachel and Michael were sharing a romantic dinner when he proposed. Her joyful answer was a resounding “yes!” The couple has now been married more than five years and these two are still very much in love.

Asked how finding this partnership has changed their lives, Rachel says hers is “100% better” and Michael adds, “I’m happy all the time!”

Rachel hopes that women like her will be fortunate enough to meet a man the caliber of Michael. She advises the ladies,

“Be yourself, don’t look for money, and put all your trust in God.”

Michael’s recommendation to men is “be yourself and let God do the rest.”